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Take A Whiff...Do My Armpits Smell Old?
2012-05-31 07:43:35

Michael Harper for RedOrbit.com More news was made this week in the ongoing struggle between the classes. No, not the wealth classes or the classes of status: The classes of age. We´ve all been a part of this struggle and have seen it played out first hand. The younger class – say, ages 20 and up – are just ready to, like, live their life, you know? They can´t be bothered when “the man” tries to bring them down. Then there´s the class of the...

2012-05-31 05:21:45

(Ivanhoe Newswire) -- Does your grandma really have that "grandma scent" that you think that she does? New research says yes! The study conducted by Monell Center shows that humans can identify the age of other humans based on differences in body odor. "Similar to other animals, humans can extract signals from body odors that allow us to identify biological age, avoid sick individuals, pick a suitable partner, and distinguish kin from non-kin," senior author Johan Lundstrom, a sensory...

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