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Valz Jean Elias Benjamin
2009-04-28 16:55:25

Jean Elias Benjamin Valz was born on May 27, 1787 in Nimes in France. He was formally trained as an engineer, but he became intrigued with astronomy, specifically comets, after witnessing the return of the Comet Encke. Before leaving his home to become the Director of the Marseille Observatory, he built a private observatory in it. He theorized that abnormalities in the orbit of Halley's...

Winnecke Friedrich August Theodor
2009-04-24 13:56:38

Friedrich August Theodor Winnecke (February 5, 1835 "“ December 3, 1897) was German astronomer born in a small village outside of Hannover. Much of his career, 1858 "“ 1865, he worked at Pulkovo Astronomical Oberservatory located just south of St. Petersburg. In 1872, he returned to Germany and worked at Strasbourg as Professor of Astronomy until 1881. He is accredited with the...

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