Latest 454 Life Sciences Stories

2012-02-27 10:59:44

Revolutionary techniques in DNA sequencing open new doors that will transform plant biology as we know it Genomes are catalogs of hereditary information that determine whether an organism becomes a plant, animal, fungus or microbe, and whether the organism is adapted to its surroundings. Determining the sequence of DNA within genomes is crucial to human medicine, crop genetics, biotechnology, forensic science, threatened species management, and evolutionary studies. The last 5 years have...

2012-02-06 13:09:24

New technology described in the Journal of Molecular Diagnostics DNA sequencing to detect genetic mutations can aid in the diagnosis and selection of treatment for cancer. Current methods of testing DNA samples, Sanger sequencing and pyrosequencing, occasionally produce complex results that can be difficult or impossible to interpret. Scientists at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine have developed a free software program, Pyromaker, that can more accurately identify such...

Two US Companies Releasing 'One-Day' Genome Machines
2012-01-12 12:19:29

Two different U.S. companies have announced plans to release equipment that can sequence an individual's genome in a single day, with both machines being revealed to the public within hours of each other on Tuesday. The first to announce their genome-sequencing machine was Ion Torrent, a Connecticut-based division of the Life Technologies Corporation, according to Reuters and Associated Press (AP) reports. The company, which claims that its Ion Proton Sequencer is 1,000 times more...

2012-01-04 06:22:32

(Ivanhoe Newswire) — Smoking is a well-known risk factor for lung cancer, but about 25% of all lung cancer patients have never smoked. According to this study, a gene fusion event could explain a significant proportion of these lung cancer cases, and may serve as a target for new therapies. Recent strides have been made to identify gene mutation events driving cases of lung adenocarcinoma in never-smokers, but the underlying genetic events leading to these lung cancers still remain...

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