Latest 7 July 2005 London bombings Stories

2011-07-07 15:01:53

Six years on from the devastating 7/7 London bombings and in the wake of the inquest into the attacks, a special issue of the journal Memory Studies, published by SAGE, explores new research into our collective memories of this tragic event. "The London attacks make for a particularly compelling case study of contemporary remembrance and commemoration," say authors of the lead editorial, Matthew Allen and Annie Bryan. "Significantly, it would seem that a wider social project of remembering...

2010-07-08 13:06:45

The deadly, coordinated terror strikes in London five years ago - the 7/7 transit attacks - reflect emerging global trends, reports the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START), based at the University of Maryland. These trends include the rise in the number of new terror groups and a continued drop in the number of coordinated attacks, which are usually far more lethal. The report is based on START's unclassified Global Terrorism Database, the most...

2009-06-18 09:36:14

A slight bump in first-time claims for U.S. unemployment insurance kept claims above 600,000 in the week, the U.S. Department of Labor reported Thursday. The 608,000 initial benefit claims in the week ending June 13 was an increase of 3,000 above the previous week. The total contributed to a four-week rolling average of 615,750, which was a decrease of 7,000 from the previous week's rolling average of 622,750. The U.S. unemployment rate remained unchanged at 9.4 percent. The biggest...

2008-08-23 09:00:34

By Tim Cornwell SHOOT on Sight, the first British feature film to tackle the July 7 2005 Tube bombings in London and their tragic aftermath, opened yesterday. The film was made on an extremely modest budget of GBP 4 million and its cast comprises a formidable international mix. Naseeruddin Shah, the Bollywood actor best known here for Monsoon Wedding, plays the film's central character, Tariq Ali, a Muslim policeman rolled out as Scotland Yard's very convenient spokesman after the...

2008-08-13 09:00:42

Shoot On Sight, Producer Aron Govil announced today that he will donate a portion of the profits from the UK release of his much anticipated film Shoot On Sight, to the London bombings victims Memorial. On July 7, 2005 four suicide bombers, all British Muslims, blew themselves up in London underground, killing 52 innocent victims and injuring more than 700 others. This was the deadliest attack on London since World War II. A permanent steel columns memorial is planned for the victims...

2008-08-07 12:01:01

Shoot On Sight, the controversial thriller, set to release in UK on August 22 is the first inspired by the July 7, 2005 underground bombings in London. The release date of the much anticipated film, originally scheduled for July 11th was changed to August 22, out of respect to the 7/7 victim's families, This powerful drama is the first movie to tackle the issue of suicide bombings on UK soil and the country's ongoing threat from home-grown terrorists linked to fundamentalist Islam. "Shoot...

2006-09-02 04:01:06

By Adrian Croft LONDON (Reuters) - British police said on Saturday they had arrested 16 men in two separate anti-terrorism operations just three weeks after uncovering a suspected plot to bring down U.S.-bound airliners over the Atlantic. Fourteen of the men were held in London in an operation that a police source said focused on suspected "training, recruitment and encouraging others to take part in terrorist activity." Anti-terrorist police in Manchester arrested two men early on...

2006-08-10 20:18:08

By Peter Graff LONDON (Reuters) - Suspected British suicide bombers were just days away from simultaneous attacks on transatlantic airliners when officials said they foiled what one senior police commander called "mass murder on an unimaginable scale." British police arrested 24 people over a plot to smuggle bombs on to aircraft disguised as drinks, and new tough security measures for air travel remained in place on Friday. Airports were jammed on Thursday and scores of flights were...

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