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2006-01-17 13:10:26

Please read in 15th paragraph ...any solid material from beyond the moon...

2006-01-15 08:08:13

By Nichola Groom LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A space

2006-01-15 06:40:33

By Nichola Groom LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A space

2006-01-15 01:43:11

By Nichola Groom LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A space capsule loaded with comet dust was barreling toward Earth after being released by its mother ship late on Saturday following a seven-year, 2.9 billion-mile journey to recover materials formed at the dawn of the solar system.

2006-01-11 12:58:00

By Nichola Groom LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A space capsule with samples of comet dust is set to parachute into the Utah desert on Sunday, capping a seven-year mission that scientists hope will give them clues about the origins of the solar system 4.5 billion years ago.

2006-01-09 00:00:00

Comets have long lit up the sky and the imaginations of scientists. Now these icy bodies from the beginnings of the solar system are finally ready for their close-up.

2005-12-21 17:09:15

By Deborah Zabarenko WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A sample of comet dust, collected by a robotic space probe with what looks a bit like a big tennis racket, is scheduled to parachute down to Earth next month, NASA scientists said on Wednesday.

2005-12-12 18:48:17

NASA scientists are looking for a nice, soft landing with the Stardust space probe returns to Earth in Utah's west desert next month.

2005-12-06 07:10:00

Stardust's voyage in space is near its end, but its cargo - the world's first cometary and interstellar dust samples - has begun its two year journey on Earth, which ends on a cold early morning on the floor of a frozen dry lakebed.

2005-09-06 18:15:00

Comet Tempel 1, source of NASA’s July 4 fireworks, is coated in a powdery layer of dust and bears evidence of other celestial collisions, according to first results from the Deep Impact mission published in Science and presented at the Division for Planetary Sciences meeting. Peter Schultz, professor of geological sciences at Brown University, was a co-investigator on the mission team.

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2004-10-19 04:45:41

Comet -- A comet is a small body from the outer reaches of the solar system similar to an asteroid but composed of ice. Often described as "dirty snowballs," they are composed largely of carbon dioxide ice, methane ice, and water ice with a mixture of dust and small stony aggregates mixed in. Comets are thought to be small pieces of debris left over from the formation of the solar system, representing a sample of the original composition of the nebula that condensed to form the Sun and all...

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