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2009-08-11 14:00:00

Panthera, the leading global foundation dedicated to assuring the future of the world's wild cats and their landscapes, announced today the launch of a cutting-edge program, in partnership with Mount Sinai School of Medicine's Global Health and Emerging Pathogens Institute, to advance the training of doctors in regions where their presence can enable the local population to see tangible benefits from Panthera's conservation initiatives and to advance our understanding of the critical...

2009-07-20 19:42:31

Pat the jaguar, a big cat captured in Belize for rehabilitation, may be the hope of his species, officials of the Milwaukee County Zoo said Monday The animal is part of the Jaguar Rehabilitation Program, meaning Pat was a livestock killer and was captured rather than killed. The new efforts is not to shoot them and then the problem is gone, but to capture them and give them a chance at a second life, Chris John, a zookeeper, told WISN-TV, Milwaukee. Pat is adapting to his second life is in...

2009-03-03 12:35:00

An extremely rare U.S. jaguar, recently fitted with a satellite-tracking collar, was recaptured and euthanized on Monday after veterinarians found it was suffering from a terminal disease, Reuters reported. The male cat, which was first caught on February 20 in a rugged area southwest of Tucson, was found to be suffering from untreatable kidney failure, officials from the U.S. and Arizona wildlife services said. Steve Spangle, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Arizona field...

2009-02-22 14:35:00

Researchers in Arizona have captured an extremely rare jaguar, and placed a tracking collar on the animal in hopes that it will shed light on the habits of one of the United States' most elusive predators.Wednesday, Arizona Game and Fish Department officials caught the male cat in a rugged area southwest of Tucson, during a study to better understand bear and mountain lion habitat.Jaguars are found in a vast area, all the way from northern Argentina to the rugged borderland wilderness of...

2009-01-28 08:37:09

The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) released photos today from the first large-scale census of jaguars in the Amazon region of Ecuador"”one of the most biologically rich regions on the planet. The ongoing census, which began in 2007, is working to establish baseline population numbers as oil exploration and subsequent development puts growing pressure on wildlife in Ecuador's Yasuni National Park and adjacent Waorani Ethnic Reserve. Together, these two protected areas make up some...

2009-01-20 07:40:00

A female zoo keeper is in critical condition after being attacked by a jaguar at the Catoctin Wildlife Preserve and Zoo located about an hour outside Baltimore. Two jaguars were in quarantine Monday, after one of them was responsible for the attack. There's no word on if they will be put down. Officials say they are up to date on their vaccinations and rabies shots. Thirty-two year old Deborah Gregory was apparently cleaning the area where the two jaguars are kept. Harold Domer,...

2008-11-22 14:53:07

A jaguar from Mexico recently had dental work done at the zoo in Phoenix by a father-son team. The Arizona Republic reported Saturday that veterinary dentist Chris Visser and his son Louis, a dentist who normally works on humans, performed four root canals and three extractions on the big cat. The newspaper said an armed man stood watch as a total of six doctors worked on the cat's mouth just in case it unexpectedly came out of anesthesia. The big cat reportedly damaged its teeth trying to...

2008-08-14 18:00:28

By KATY JORDAN Adoring fans at Stone Zoo New England were seeing spots yesterday when the zoo introduced its newest and smallest king cat, "Chessie" - a 10 1/2-week-old baby jaguar - for the first time to the public. "She's a little bit shy," said Peter Costello, the Stoneham zoo's assistant curator and one of Chessie's caretakers. "But she's coming out of her shell," said Costello of the 7- pound cub. Chessie, who was born to mom jaguar "Kanga" and pop "Pacal," is part of the Jaguar...

2008-03-25 00:25:00

As the U.S. government plans to complete a pedestrian fence to effectively seal off heavily crossed areas of the border between the U.S. and Mexico, environmentalists and biologists like Emil McCain are studying the possibly negative effects imposed on a group of extremely rare jaguars.The jaguars are known to travel through the mountains from Mexico into the southwestern U.S. McCain, a wildlife graduate student at Humboldt State University in Arcata, Calif., was recently thrilled to find...

2008-02-23 09:00:00

There will be no recovery plan, at least not one with teeth, for the rarest of the wild animals native to Arizona - the largest and rarest cat species of North America - the jaguar. The Center for Biological Diversity, a conservation group that has pushed for an official plan to set goals and spell out and enforce efforts to save the big cats, portrays the move as a concession to the Bush administration's border-fence project. But a spokeswoman for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's...

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Zanzibar Leopard, Panthera pardus adersi
2012-12-27 17:57:46

The Zanzibar leopard (Panthera pardus adersi) is a subspecies of the leopard that may be extinct. It is native to Tanzania, with a range that includes Unguja Island in the Zanzibar archipelago. This subspecies is thought to have occurred when African leopards were isolated on the island after the last Ice Age, creating a smaller form with varying fur patterns. Because the Zanzibar leopard is so rare, or possibly extinct, there is not much information regarding its habits and lifestyle. Its...

North China Leopard, Panthera pardus japonensis
2012-12-27 16:20:55

The North China leopard (Panthera pardus japonensis) is a subspecies of the leopard that can be found in northern areas of China. Its range is extremely fragmented. The average weight of this species varies between males and females, with males reaching a weight of 110 pounds and females reaching a weight of 71 pounds. It is similar in size to the Indochinese leopard, but differs slightly in color, growing shorter and darker fur. As is typical to leopard species, the North China leopard...

Sri Lankan Leopard, Panthera pardus kotiya
2012-12-10 12:05:00

The Sri Lankan leopard (Panthera pardus kotiya) is a subspecies of the leopard that is native to Sri Lanka. The range of this subspecies is highly fragmented, but in some areas, it does occur in high numbers. It prefers many types of habitats including rainforests, arid scrublands, evergreen monsoon forests, upper and lowland forests, and damp forests. The Sri Lankan leopard differs in size depending upon sex. Males can reach and average body length of about our feet with an average weight...

Panthera leo spelaea
2012-11-16 15:34:04

Commonly known as the Eurasian cave lion or the European cave lion, Panthera leo spelaea is an extinct subspecies of lion. It is thought to have lived during the Pleistocene epoch, and may have lived in the Balkans in southeastern Europe until 2,000 years ago. The range of this cave lion would have included northwestern North America, Asia, and areas of Europe and would have extended from Germany, Spain, and Great Britain to the Yukon Territory. Its range also extended from Turkistan to...

Masai Lion, Panthera leo nubica
2012-11-16 15:20:46

The Masai lion (Panthera leo nubica), also known as the East African Lion, is a subspecies of the African lion. It can be found in Eastern areas of Africa. Males reach an average body length between 8.2 and 9.8 feet, including the tail, with a weight between 320 and 440 pounds. Masai lions located in northeastern Africa are often classified with P. nubica, which include Tsavo lions (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tsavo_lion), and these are known to produce males with no manes. The Masai lion...

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