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2009-01-02 16:12:25

As the economy continues to struggle, a U.S. doctor says parents can still provide healthy food options on a budget. Dr. Rober Murray of the Center for Healthy Weight at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus says nutrient-dense foods -- such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains -- are often more costly than less healthful options, but there are ways to save without compromising on nutrition. He suggests to: -- Don't assume fresh is best. In recent years preservation and freezing...

2008-12-18 13:51:00

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- In a few short weeks, millions of Americans will resolve to get healthier in 2009. But if history is any indication, shortly thereafter, they'll break that resolution. Now, Sayan Health is making adherence to that resolution easier than ever before with its antioxidant-infused Sayan(TM) Chaga. Boasting a long list of health benefits, this all-natural herbal beverage increases longevity and vitality without sacrificing an ounce of taste. New Year's...

2008-09-21 18:00:15

Acai has gone from being a mostly unknown Amazonian fruit to a global sensation as a something of a wonder berry, threatening forests, conservationists say. The Los Angeles Times reported Sunday the fruit of a jungle palm is a touted ingredient in smoothies, sorbets and nutrition bars around the world. The tropical berry is sought after because of its antioxidant traits. Now conservationists worry that parts of the Amazon could be clear-cut to plant acai to help meet global demand....

2008-09-16 21:00:10

By Jolene Thym Multivitamins. Calcium for bones. Vitamin B for stress. Vitamin C for a cold. Flax oil for immunity. Probiotics for digestion. Melatonin for sleep. Herbs for stress, antioxidants for wrinkles, glucosamine for joints. If that pile of pills is too much to swallow, there is an option, says Kerry Kirk of AgroLabs in New Jersey. "For people who don't like to swallow pills, we tell them to just drink an ounce," she says, referring to her company's line of one- ounce-a-day...

2008-09-13 03:00:10

By Anonymous Pack your kids' lunches with healthful snacks, smooth your kisser with organic lip balms, and get your greens with a new supplement powder Kick the habit and cleanse your body with ReNew Life Smokers' Cleanse. This three-part formula is designed not only to support lung detoxification and healthy bronchial function, but also to temporarily ease the desire to smoke. Nutrients and botanicals such as malabar nut tree leaf extract, mullein leaf, and wasabi extract help cleanse the...

2008-07-24 06:00:00

By Joe Burris, The Baltimore Sun Jul. 24--The 32nd Street Farmers' Market in Baltimore opened last Saturday morning with four produce farmers unloading batches of fresh blueberries for sale. Two and a half hours later, the berries were gone -- undoubtedly scooped up by patrons who covet not only the seasonal fruit's sweet taste and variety of uses, but its abundance of health benefits. In fact, blueberries routinely make lists of nutrient-packed victuals commonly known as super foods....

2008-06-19 06:00:23

Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/ed11b9/successful_superfr) has announced the addition of the "Successful Superfruit Strategy - How to Build a Superfruit Business" report to their offering. Superfruits are the product of a strategy, not something you find growing on a tree. To consumers they mean health, taste and convenience, and to food companies they mean big business. Superfruits are revolutionising the way consumers relate to fruit and...

2008-05-17 14:10:00

Researchers in France report that apples, purple grapes and juices made from the fruits, protect against the development of clogged arteries.   In their study, the scientists fed hamsters either apples, grapes, apple juice, grape juice or water, along with a fatty diet, and discovered that those who consumed grape juice had the lowest probability of developing clogged arteries. The research, conducted by scientists from the University of Montpellier and led by Kelly Decorde, found...

2008-04-23 10:50:00

The good team at Snapple recently sent us several flavors of their Antioxidant Water for review. Launched late last year, Snapple Antioxidant Water is available in 20-ounce single bottles for $1.39 to $1.59.The drinks come in seven flavors, each with specific vitamins and minerals that the company says Defy, Restore, Awaken and Protect the body: Tropical Mango and Orange Starfruit (To PROTECT) - Vitamins A and E, electrolytes and a complete dose of Vitamin C help protect the body against...

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