Latest abdominal obesity Stories

2013-07-13 23:00:26

DailyGossip.org published the review for the new 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan, a diet that aims to help consumer shed pounds without impacting the body’s vulnerable hormone levels.

2013-07-11 12:41:47

Individuals with excessive abdominal fat have a greater risk of heart disease and cancer than individuals with a similar body mass index (BMI) who carry their fat in other areas of the body.

2013-07-06 23:01:47

Diet Doc’s specially designed weight loss programs now utilize effective, fat burning prescription diet pills to supplement healthy eating and allow patients to lose weight faster.

2013-06-27 23:29:08

This June, celebrate Men’s Health Month with Flax Seasoning as they discuss why getting rid of belly fat may be the most important health decision a man can make. Arlington,

Exercise Reduces Fat Around Heart, Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes
2013-06-25 11:34:58

Another in a long line of studies praises exercise as not only a way to reduce the risk of contracting Type 2 diabetes, but also a way to benefit those patients who have already been diagnosed.

2013-06-19 23:17:45

Diet Doc’s hCG diets now operate in four continuous phases that permit patients fast weight loss specifically targeting hard to reach excess fat storage for those looking to lose belly fat and

2013-06-02 23:15:24

The experts at Diet Doc have released improved hCG diet plans for women who need a simpler solution for weight loss, offering medically supervised plans thought to relieve peri-menopausal and

2013-05-31 23:20:46

Diet Doc’s hCG diet plans now utilize prescription strength hCG treatments to target embarrassing belly fat and help patients lose weight fast to avoid damaging bone health. Lexington,

2013-05-30 23:27:20

CoolSculpting®, an innovative technology that freezes away unwanted fat, is now available at New You Spa, making it one of the first medical practices in the GTA to offer this breakthrough

2013-05-21 23:19:59

Diet Doc’s hCG diets combine improved hCG treatments with nutrient rich meal plans to target excess belly fat, which has recently been linked to a lower life expectancy. Lexington,

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