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2009-10-12 13:05:00

A Central American species of spider, known as Bagheera kiplingi (B. kiplingi), represents the first known instance to science of an arachnid that dines primarily on plants. About 40,000 unique spiders have been described to date, with most considered strict predators that either trap their prey in intricate webs or hunt them down directly. The newly-discovered vegetarian spider primarily consumes something called Beltian bodies, specialized leaf-tip structures produced by acacia shrubs....

2009-09-21 07:00:00

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Sept. 21 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Acacia Automotive, Inc. (Ticker-ACCA) today announced it has executed the documents to acquire Chattanooga Auto Auction. The selling unit, Chattanooga Auto Auction Limited Liability Company is owned by Ms. Alexis Jacobs of Columbus, Ohio. Ms. Jacobs is also one of the owners of the Columbus Fair Auto Auction. Acacia recently filed an 8-K with the SEC detailing the terms of the Asset Purchase Agreement and a separate Management...

2009-08-25 14:50:00

Scientists said today at the 2nd World Congress of Agroforestry that a type of acacia tree with an unusual growth habit-unlike virtually all other trees-holds particular promise for farmers in Africa as a free source of nitrogen for their soils that could last generations.For further information, please contact: Megan Dold: +1 301 280 5720 or mdold@burnesscommunications.comWith its nitrogen-fixing qualities, the tall, long-lived acacia tree, Faidherbia albida (Mgunga in Swahili) could limit...

2009-05-12 09:00:00

North Augusta, S.C., May 12 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Acacia Automotive, Inc. (Ticker-ACCA) today released recent statistics on its Augusta Auto Auction unit. The auction reported substantial growth in unit sales and fee revenues through April 2009 compared to previous periods, reflecting extreme resilience to recessionary factors that have negatively impacted most other industries. The table below provides a snapshot of the auction's recent performance relative to previous periods:...

2009-04-24 06:40:25

Botanists discovered a pink-flowered tree in Ethiopia that has been overlooked by generations of researchers. The acacia fumosa tree is located in a war zone so it was not "found" for scientific purposes until 2006-7. "I have spent a lifetime looking at plants and describing species -- it knocked me sideways when I heard about this tree," said David Mabberley of the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, England. "The total numbers must be in the millions," he said of the 20-foot tall tree that...

2009-02-17 06:45:00

NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C., Feb. 17 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Acacia Automotive, Inc. (Ticker-ACCA) today reviewed its recently-announced third quarter results. The company reported substantial increases at its Augusta Auto Auction operation in unit sales volume, revenues and EBITDA in the third quarter. "These outstanding results are especially gratifying given the broad and continuing news surrounding the suppressed economy throughout the U.S. and the world today," said Acacia's CEO...

2008-08-06 06:00:15

Acacia Research Corporation (Nasdaq:ACTG) announced today that its subsidiary, Acacia Patent Acquisition LLC, has acquired rights to patents relating to optical switching technology. "As Acacia's licensing success grows, more companies are selecting us as their partner for the licensing of their patented technologies," commented Paul Ryan, Acacia Chairman and CEO. "Acacia is rapidly becoming the leader in technology licensing and we continue to grow our base of future revenues by adding new...

2008-03-27 13:05:00

U.S. Forest Service scientists with the Institute of Pacific Islands Forestry have completed a study on ways to make high-value koa trees grow faster, while increasing biodiversity, carbon sequestration, scenic beauty, and recreation opportunities in native Hawaiian forests. Acacia koa is a native Hawaiian hardwood tree that traditionally has been prized as a craft and furniture-making wood. Its range has been greatly reduced because of logging and land clearing for agricultural production....

2008-01-11 10:30:00

The term "circle of life" may ring more true than some would think. For years, scientists have been studying the decline in large herbivores in Africa, and ten years ago, they decided to find out the effect of that decline on plant life.The African acacia tree, a thorny African shrub has been providing food and shelter to aggressive biting ants for years. These ants, in turn protect the trees by attacking large herbivores and other animals that try and eat their leaves. This practice, called...

2007-11-24 06:00:19

By Lieurance, Deah M DEAH M. LIEURANCE (USDA/ARS, Invasive Plant Research Laboratory, 3225 College Ave., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33314). Biomass allocation of the invasive tree Acacia auriculiformis and refoliation following hurricane-force winds. J. Torrey Bot. Soc. 134: 389-397. 2007.- Allometric equations and biomass allocation were determined for the aboveground wood, branch, twig, and leaf components of the invasive tree Acacia auriculiformis in south Florida prior to and after a major...

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