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Tangs Acanthuridae
2014-08-05 10:42:52

Acanthuridae is a family of unicornfish, surgeonfish, and tangs that reside primarily in tropical seas near coral reefs. This family holds species of marine fish including the yellowtail tang, the blue tang surgeonfish, and the regal tang, which was featured in the Disney movie Finding Nemo for the character of Dory. This family was named for the distinguishing scalpel that can be found on the...

Doctorfish Acanthurus chirurgus
2013-10-15 11:44:59

The Doctorfish (Acanthurus chirurgus), known also as the Doctorfish Tang, is a tropical marine fish that is common in the Atlantic Ocean. Achieving a maximum length of 39 centimeters, this fish gets it common name for the structures called “scalpels”, which are found on either side of the caudal peduncle. The “scalpel” is utilized during fights with other doctorfish and as a defense...

Ocean Surgeonfish Acanthurus bahianus
2013-03-22 13:10:32

The ocean surgeonfish is found around coral reefs of the Western Atlantic -- off the coasts of Florida, the Bahamas, the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, Bermuda, Brazil, and as far north as Massachusetts. This species will swim in schools, often with other species of surgeonfish. The oval shaped body of this surgeonfish is bluish-gray to dark brown with yellow markings and a dark marking...

Purple Tang Zebrasoma xanthurum
2013-02-10 07:39:55

Image Caption: Purple Tangs at Steinhart Aquarium in San Francisco. Credit: Stan Shebs/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0 and 2.5) The purple tang, also known as the yellowtail tang, is found to inhabit the Red Sea, the west coast of India, the east coast of Africa, and the Persian Gulf. It lives amongst reefs and coral rich areas at depths of 3 - 65 feet. This species normally swims in pairs, but will...

Sailfin Tang Zebrasoma veliferum
2013-02-09 09:19:46

Image Caption: Shizhao/Wikipedia (CC BY-SA 3.0) The sailfin tang is found in lagoons and around reefs from depths of 3 - 200 feet. The range of this species is widespread throughout the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific. It is a very popular aquarium fish, aggressive towards other sailfin, but peaceful to other fish. Best if kept in a large tank of 180 gallons or more. The largest...

Whitespotted Surgeonfish Acanthurus guttatus
2013-02-03 10:08:43

Image Credit: National Park Service/Wikipedia The whitespotted surgeonfish is found in shallow water around rocky shore lines and exposed reefs in the Indo-Pacific. It is native to Mauritius, southern Japan, Indonesia, and northern Australia, but in 2003 it was discovered off the coast of Palm Beach, Florida. The spots of the whitespotted surgeonfish could act as a camouflage while it...

Twotone Tang Zebrasoma Scopas
2013-01-12 08:37:50

The twotone tang can also be referred to as the brown tang or the brush-tail tang. This species is native to the Indo-Pacific ranging from the east Africa coast to Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, and the islands of Pitcaim and Lord Howe Island. A brown tang was discovered off the Fort Lauderdale, Florida coast in 2008, well beyond its native habitat. This fish is found at depths up...

Atlantic Blue Tang Acanthurus coeruleus
2012-05-22 10:10:55

The Atlantic Blue Tang (Acanthurus coeruleus), also known as the Atlantic Blue Tang Surgeonfish, is a species of surgeonfish commonly found in the Atlantic Ocean. It is found off the coast of Florida, the Bahamas, and other places around the Caribbean Sea, including Bonaire. It is very common in Belize, and particularly around Ambergis Caye. It is also found in the Gulf of Mexico and south...

Chocolate Surgeonfish Acanthurus pyroferus
2012-04-02 17:37:17

The Chocolate Surgeonfish, (Acanthurus pyroferus), is a species of Tang from the Indo-Pacific (excluding Hawaii) and is found primarily around steep shallow slopes near the coast with clear sand and hard corals. This species grows to about 10 inches long. It is sometimes known the Mimic Tang as an aquarium fish because of the juveniles striking coloration that resembles that of the Pygmy...

Elongate Surgeonfish Acanthurus mata
2012-04-02 17:23:07

The Elongate Surgeonfish, (Acanthurus mata), is a species of tropical fish found in the Indo-Pacific, and can be found as far north as Southern Japan and south to the Great Barrier Reef. Some also live as far west as South Africa and as far east as the Tuamotu Islands. Its main habitat is steep slopes around coral reefs. This is a light blue fish with numerous brown stripes running down the...

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