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2005-12-15 00:05:00

By Bill Tarrant BANDA ACEH -- One moment Sartinah Fatar is painting her lovely new traditional Acehnese house, chattering happily to her husband. The next she's in tears recalling the day the sea roared in and snatched away her mother and two children. Remember. Rebuild. It's the slogan of the Indonesian reconstruction agency, set up after the December 26 tsunami killed 231,452 people around the Indian Ocean rim, most of them in Aceh. Sartinah and hundreds of thousands of other tsunami...

2005-12-13 19:38:29

JAKARTA (Reuters) - Only one-fifth of the 1.8 million people made homeless by last December's tsunami will be in permanent homes by the end of this year, British-based aid group Oxfam International said on Wednesday. In the three worst-affected countries -- Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India -- the total need was for 308,000 homes, the equivalent of rehousing the entire population of Philadelphia, Oxfam said in a report ahead of the anniversary of the December 26 catastrophe. At least...

2005-11-30 06:24:49

BANDA ACEH, Indonesia (Reuters) - Former U.S. President Bill Clinton promised survivors of Indonesia's tsunami-ravaged province of Aceh on Wednesday that the international community would never abandon them. Clinton, the U.N's envoy for tsunami relief, is assessing the progress of reconstruction efforts following the December 26 tsunami that left up to 232,000 people dead or missing in a dozen Indian Ocean nations, including nearly 170,000 in Aceh. "After the one year commemoration...

2005-11-25 02:51:29

JAKARTA (Reuters) - Hundreds of chickens have died of bird flu in Indonesia's Aceh in recent weeks, the first cases detected in the tsunami-hit province, an official said on Friday. Syamsul Bahri, director of Animal Health at the Agriculture Ministry, said the outbreak surfaced among backyard chickens in three areas largely spared from the December 26 tsunami that left 170,000 people dead or missing. There had been no suspected human cases in Aceh, he said. Indonesia has recorded...

2005-11-22 02:19:28

JAKARTA (Reuters) - Former rebels in Indonesia's Aceh province successfully ended the third round of a weapons handover on Tuesday after struggling to surrender enough arms that met the criteria of international peace monitors. Juri Laas, a spokesman for the European-led Aceh Monitoring Mission overseeing a landmark peace pact, said former rebels handed in 57 weapons on Tuesday and monitors accepted all but one piece. "It means the third phase has been completed," he said. Under the...

2005-11-17 04:40:00

JAKARTA -- Indonesia has activated the first stage of a tsunami early warning system off the coast of Sumatra to prevent a repeat of last year's huge quake-triggered waves that left 170,000 people dead or missing, officials said on Thursday. Indonesian and German scientists installed two buoys and planted a pressure sensor on the seabottom off the coast of western Sumatra this week as part of a five-year plan to prepare the country's vulnerable coastlines for tsunamis, they said. "The buoys...

2005-11-13 01:52:30

JAKARTA (Reuters) - Former rebels from Indonesia's Aceh province begin handing in weapons on Monday under the third phase of a landmark peace pact that ended one of Asia's longest running civil wars. In a statement on Sunday, the European-led Aceh Monitoring Mission said weapons would be given up at five locations along Aceh's west coast November 14-17. Under the pact, signed in Helsinki last August, Indonesia has also been withdrawing troops and police from tsunami-hit Aceh. The...

2005-11-07 13:36:06

Less than 100 days after the tsunami of December 26, 2004, a team of ecologists from James Cook University, the Wildlife Conservation Society-Indonesia Program, and Syiah Kuala University visited a number of reefs in northern Aceh. Some of the same reefs had also been visited in 2003, presenting a unique opportunity to assess the ecological impact of tsunamis on tropical marine ecosystems. The researchers found that direct tsunami damage was largely restricted to corals growing in...

2005-11-07 09:05:00

By Bill Tarrant LAMPUUK, Indonesia -- In a little shack they built on a rubble-strewn field where the tsunami traveled the farthest inland, a group of teen-age boys orphaned in the disaster have made themselves a family. They have been cooking and caring for each other, playing football and singing sad songs at night since the December 26 tsunami wiped out much of the fishing village of Lampuuk in the Indonesian province of Aceh. "We are our own family now," said Nasrullah, 18, one of five...

2005-10-26 23:40:26

By Jerry Norton JAKARTA (Reuters) - The United States has issued a fresh warning to Americans to avoid non-essential travel to Indonesia, calling bombings that killed 23 people in Bali on October 1 "a reminder that terrorists remain active." "The possibility remains that terrorists will carry out additional attacks in Bali, Jakarta or other areas of Indonesia in the near future," says the warning, e-mailed on Thursday to U.S. citizens in Indonesia. The last full-blown U.S. travel...

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