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Are New Englands Iconic Maples At Risk
2011-08-30 07:59:19

  Invasive Asian longhorned beetle has potential for wide reach in region's forests Are new England's iconic maple trees at risk? If a beetle has its way, the answer may be yes. Results from the first study of the Asian longhorned beetle (ALB) in forests show that the invasive insect can easily spread from tree-lined city streets to neighboring forests. A paper reporting the results are published in the Canadian Journal of Forest Research. Successful ALB eradication...

2008-07-06 00:00:12

What a green and pleasant land we live in! After virtually any overseas trip, I am always struck by how green England is - this was especially so on my recent return from a holiday in treeless Lesotho. Now, Lesotho is seriously high, with a lot of the country about 10,000ft above sea level and, despite being surrounded by a very pleasantly warm South Africa, there was a lot of snow about. This harsh climate is, however, not the only reason for the lack of trees, as any wood is quickly...