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2009-01-23 11:21:01

Officials in Canada's Prince Edward Island province are seeking government help with $25 million of frozen lobster the market isn't buying. Executive Director Olin Gregan of the Seafood Processors Association of P.E.I. told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. the global economic downturn has resulted in a downward spiral of both demand and prices for lobster. He said he met with provincial and federal officials about the inventory caught and processed in 2008, but wouldn't divulge what was...

2008-10-06 12:00:22

By John Richardson Monhegan Island is known for creative inhabitants with famous names such as Hopper, Kent and Wyeth. These days, the island's lobstermen are attracting attention in their own right for creating what might be a promising future for Maine's premier fishery. Early Wednesday, 12 islanders - 10 men and 2 women - steamed out of Monhegan's quiet harbor to set their traps and begin a new nine- month fishing season. Trap Day, as it is known, is an honored tradition here and...

2008-07-27 03:00:25

Scottish fishermen say they are finding unusual quantities of octopus and other warm-water creatures in their nets and lobster pots. Where once fishermen were lucky to see, let alone catch an octopus, now they are finding up to 300 a time as the creatures invade the creels in search of the same bait that is used to attract lobsters and crabs, Duncan MacInnes of the Western Isles Fisherman's Association told The Observer. MacInnes said that while the octopus are a commercial catch, they...

2008-07-03 15:00:21

By FRASER, Bruce in Te Anau FIORDLAND rock lobsters and Fiordland fishermen are both thriving following the recovery of the species from a long decline. Fiordland Lobster Company chief executive officer Mike Schuck said that winter, the region's main fishing period, was going very well. Prices were high, catches were excellent and most fishermen had been able to upgrade or replace their boats. The resurgence of the lobster fishery had resulted in a 28 percent increase in the annual...

2007-10-10 18:00:21

By Paul Davis; Journal Staff Writer Before he was old enough to drive, Andrew Cavanagh fished. As a boy, he held a flashlight on a dock at Sakonnet Point while his father, a lobsterman, tinkered with an oily engine. When he turned 15, he borrowed $8,500 from his mother and sister to buy a motor and gear for his 22-foot skiff. He knew fishing wouldn't be easy. For 30 years his father, Robert, had shouldered raw gales and rough seas to catch lobsters along the jagged floor of the...

2007-07-14 16:20:00

HARPSWELL, Maine - The tide is dead low as Diane Cowan lifts seaweed-covered rocks at dawn's first light, something she's done for more than a decade as a way to monitor Maine's most valuable fishery. Here at Lowell Cove, the number of juvenile lobsters has increased fourfold in recent years, indicating plentiful crustaceans for years to come. At the same time, however, the water temperature in this picturesque inlet has risen fast - raising concerns. The lobsters, she fears, could begin...

2007-07-10 19:59:20

STONINGTON, Maine (AP) - Thousands of tiny 2-week-old lobsters were released into Maine waters during the weekend as part of an ongoing effort to keep the state's lobster populations strong. Working with local lobstermen, staff from a Stonington lobster hatchery released an estimated 10,000 to 12,000 of the half-inch-long lobsters at two sites off of Vinalhaven on Sunday. Another 17,000 juvenile lobsters were released in June. This is the second year the Zone C Lobster Hatchery has released...

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2008-05-05 22:31:03

The European Lobster (Homarus gammarus), is a large European clawed crustacean. The natural range of the European Lobster is the eastern Atlantic Ocean from Lofoten Islands in northwestern Norway to the Azores and Morocco. It is also found in the Mediterranean Sea west of Crete and in northwestern parts of the Black Sea. It is not found in the Baltic Sea. It is rarely found deeper than 165 feet, but can be found anywhere from the low tide mark to 500 feet, on hard substrates made of rock or...

2009-03-28 16:58:08

The Small European Locust Lobster, Scyllarus arctus is a species of slipper lobster frequenting the water in the Mediterranean Sea and eastern Atlantic Ocean. Although it is an uncommon species in the British and Irish waters, various English-language vernacular names have been employed, including Lesser Slipper Lobster, and Broad Lobster. This species of lobster is found in eastern parts of the Atlantic Ocean, from Azores, Madeira and the Canary Islands as far north as the English...

2009-03-28 16:53:01

Jasus lalandii, more commonly known as the Cape Rock Lobster or West Coast Rock Lobster, is a species of spiny lobster found in the waters off the coast of Southern Africa. Although it is unknown whom the name of this species is in honor of, there have been suggestions that it may be attributed to French astronomer Jérôme Lalande. Cape Rock Lobster are rocky bottom dwellers generally in shallow waters, but have been found in waters as deep as 150 feet. They range along the coast...

2013-09-05 00:00:00

The Lagostino, Panulirus argus is a species of spiny lobster inhabiting the waters of the western Atlantic Ocean, from North Carolina down to eastern South America at depths from 100 to 300 feet. They dwell on reefs and in mangrove swamps, or habitats with some sort of cover. More familiar names for the species include Caribbean Spiny Lobster, Florida Spiny Lobster or West Indies Spiny Lobster. Shortened variations of the name could include Lagostino, Crawfish, Crayfish or Bug. The...

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