Latest Adam Lanza Stories

2014-03-18 23:32:57

Dr. Jack Westman, author of Parent Power: The Key to America's Prosperity, thanks Peter Lanza, the father of Adam Lanza who killed his mother, 26 people at Sandy Hook Elementary School and himself for revealing the preceding strained family relationships and details about Adam's personality in Andrew Solomon's March 2014 The New Yorker article "The Reckoning". The article also brings out the problems that arise when mental health professionals focus on individual...

2013-12-10 23:30:05

Police report in aftermath of violence shows psychiatric intervention was needed yet ignored, says author Janice Holly Booth. Charlotte, NC (PRWEB) December 10, 2013 With the recent release of the police report detailing the known facts around the Sandy Hook shooting, it is clear that Adam Lanza’s mother either ignored or minimized his son’s odd behavior, says Janice Holly Booth, author of "A Voice out of Nowhere: Inside the mind of a mass murderer," which is Amazon’s #1...

2013-12-03 23:31:49

While the specific act—the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre—could not have been predicted, Adam Lanza’s murder of his mother and the mass killing and his suicide which followed can be easily understood using long accepted psychological knowledge. Warwick, New York (PRWEB) December 03, 2013 Dr. Stanley Goldstein states that the recent release of further information about the Newtown school massacre and shooter by Connecticut's state's attorney has produced the usual...

2013-11-29 23:02:33

After the release of the Connecticut State’s Attorney report on the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, mental health watchdog Citizens Commission on Human Rights says the report failed to provide the needed information on Adam Lanza’s mental health/medication history. Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) November 29, 2013 Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) says Connecticut State Attorney, Stephen J. Sedensky III’s long-awaited report on the Sandy Hook school shootings is...

2012-12-29 05:04:14

In the wake of terrifying and senseless acts at Connecticut´s Sandy Hook Elementary School, there has been a lot of talk about the pros and cons of gun control. Precious little, however, has been said about the thousands of American young people who struggle daily with devastating metal health issues. Delray Beach, Florida (PRWEB) December 28, 2012 In the wake of terrifying and senseless acts at Connecticut´s Sandy Hook Elementary School, there has been a lot of talk about the...

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