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Jobs Promised Job For Life, Lawsuit Filed
2012-08-21 14:41:22

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online Wayne Goodrich, who claims to have been a “sounding board” for Apple´s late co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs is now suing Apple for wrongful termination. According to Goodrich, Steve Jobs himself had promised him a lifelong position with the Cupertino company. Goodrich now claims he was fired just months after Jobs´ passing for no legitimate reason, despite Jobs´ promise to him. Goodrich´s...

2012-07-24 23:00:03

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online A man as legendary as Steve Jobs is due a monument or three. After all, he did revolutionize not only the computer industry, but the music industry as well. No matter how you feel about Steve Jobs, one cannot deny him his accomplishments. Now, some Jobs fans in Russia are preparing to install a monument to him in St. Petersburg. According to RT.com, a private foundation has announced a competition to come up with the best monument...

2012-06-13 08:50:13

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com Late Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs was a fiercely private man. He didn´t share much about his life with the world until his later years. In fact, not many people knew about his battle with cancer until his now famous and oft-quoted Stanford commencement speech. Jobs was later able to persuade biographer Walter Issacson to collect notes and interviews from those in his life, compiling a treasure trove of information. Most of what was compiled in...

2012-06-01 06:35:46

Michael Harper for RedOrbit.com Much has been made of Steve Jobs and his legacy at Apple in the months since his passing last October, and rightfully so. No matter which side of the Mac / PC or Apple / Google fence you lean on, one cannot deny the man his due. His revolutionary innovation–in combination with his tireless attention to detail–have been behind several world-changing devices and ideas. After all, without the Apple I and Apple II–as well as the iPhone and...

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