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Boys Hitting Puberty Earlier
2012-10-21 09:36:03

Just as previous research reported that girls in the U.S. were reaching puberty earlier in life, a new study reveals American boys are also showing the first signs of sexual maturity at a younger age than in decades past.

2012-04-27 21:27:51

Girls who start puberty very early are more likely to have psychological problems and be at risk of sexual abuse and early pregnancy.

2012-02-07 12:07:27

Frequent house moves during childhood seem to increase the risk of poor health in later life.

2011-06-30 13:37:19

The onset of puberty is a critical moment for reaching girls with health messages and information, and the stakes are particularly high in countries where the HIV/AIDS epidemic rages and where threats to female reproductive health abound.

2011-03-01 14:42:18

Only in very few life phases do individuals face as many life transitions in such a short time as young adults at the age of 19-30.

2010-04-27 18:47:46

Despite living in an age of iPads and hybrid cars, young Americans are more like the young adults of the early 1900s than the baby boom generation: They are living at home longer, are financially insecure and are making lower wages.

2009-03-18 15:26:31

French scientists say they've determined the adult-young ratio is much more important to a child's social development that just the mere presence of adults. Marie Bourjade, Alice de Boyer des Roches and Martine Hausberger of the University of Rennes, France, studied the effects of adult-young ratios in naturally-formed groups of Przewalski horses on aggression rates and social cohesion of young horses. Przewalski horses constitute a very adequate model for investigating the educational roles...

2009-03-18 09:42:12

Adults of many animal species play a crucial role in the social development of youngsters.

2007-08-28 15:14:44

PORTLAND, Ore., Aug. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Adult-Care.Org launches today the first phase of a unique consumer-driven single source of information for all of Oregon's licensed long-term adult care facilities.

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