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2008-03-11 14:50:00

Along an isolated, rocky stretch of Greek shoreline, a Florida State University researcher and his students are unlocking the secrets of a partially submerged, "lost" harbor town believed to have been built by the ancient Mycenaeans nearly 3,500 years ago."This is really a remarkable find," said Professor Daniel J. Pullen, chairman of FSU's Department of Classics. "It is rare indeed to locate an entire town built during the Late Bronze Age that shows this level of preservation."Pullen and a...

2007-04-09 18:00:17

By NICHOLAS PAPHITIS ATHENS, Greece - Greek rescuers will deploy a robot submarine to search for the bodies of two French tourists believed to have drowned when a cruise ship sank off a resort island in the Aegean Sea last week, authorities said Monday. The ship's captain has blamed Thursday's accident on sea currents that swept the Sea Diamond onto a charted reef off the island of Santorini, tearing a hole in the ship's hull. Nearly 1,600 people - mostly American tourists - were rescued...

2006-06-02 05:57:30

By Karolos Grohmann ATHENS (Reuters) - Hopes of finding five missing crew of a Turkish-operated cargo ship that sank after colliding with a Greek tanker in the Aegean Sea, were fading on Friday after fruitless night-long rescue efforts, officials said. The Morocco-bound, Panamanian registered "Han" cargo ship, which was operated by a Turkish ship owner and had a crew of 13, collided on Thursday with a Greek tanker off the island of Hydra, killing one Turkish sailor. Authorities said...

2006-05-23 05:26:52

ATHENS (Reuters) - A Greek and a Turkish fighter jet collided in midair above the southern Aegean island of Karpathos on Tuesday, a Greek defense ministry official said. "The two jets collided above Karpathos. We don't know what has happened to the pilots yet," he told Reuters. It was not clear what type of planes had crashed. The Turkish defense ministry was not immediately available for comment. Archrivals Greece and Turkey regularly criticize each other for causing mock dogfights...

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Sea of Marmara
2013-04-18 22:26:30

The Sea of Marmara, or otherwise known as the Sea of Marmora or the Marmara Sea, is the inland sea that connects the Black Sea to the Aegean Sea, thus dividing Turkey’s Asian and European parts. The Bosphorus strait connects it to the Dardanelles and the Black Sea to the Aegean. The sea has an area of 11,350 square kilometers (280 kilometers x 80 kilometers) with the greatest depth reaching 1,370 meters. The salinity of the sea averages about 22 parts per thousand, which is slightly...

Aegean Sea
2013-04-18 19:17:48

The Aegean Sea is a stretched out embayment of the Mediterranean Sea that is located between the southern Balkan and Anatolian peninsulas. Northwards, it’s connected to the Marmara Sea and the Black sea via the Dardanelles and Bosporus. The Aegean Islands are located in the sea and some bordering its southern periphery, including Rhodes and Crete. This Aegean region consists of 9 provinces in southwestern Turkey, partly bordering on the Aegean Sea. It was traditionally known as...

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