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Latest Aether theories Stories

2008-01-15 06:00:09

There is no attractive gravitational force between matter. Gravitation is based on a repelling force. Gravitation arises from particle pressure towards matter. These are some claims of the General Theory of Matter, which is based upon the predicted existence of a very small and extremely abundant particle, the universal energy unit, here called the K-particle. The theory shows how local disturbance of the K flux (K pressure) can generate all known forces. Furthermore it demonstrates working...

2007-10-02 09:00:33

By Hisaki, Hashi (ProQuest: ... denotes non-USASCII text omitted.) Nishida Kitaro (1870-1945), one of the most famous philosophers of the Kyoto School, has become well known in Europe through his works on religious philosophy and ethics.1 Yet the interdisciplinary aspect of his philosophy has received much less attention. Aiming at a comprehensive system of philosophy, Nishida strove toward a system of thinking in which thought and practice are united. In this context, the contents of...