Latest affective disorders Stories

2013-04-25 16:30:37

Belief in God may significantly improve the outcome of those receiving short-term treatment for psychiatric illness.

2012-07-02 21:44:04

While many small studies have shown a relationship between infertility and psychological distress, reporting a high prevalence of anxiety, mood disorders and depressive symptoms, few have studied the psychological effect of childlessness on a large population basis.

2011-08-03 08:05:58

Eight out of ten Australians would radically change their risky behavior if tests showed they had a genetic susceptibility to depression, a national study has found.

2010-11-09 08:35:53

In some people the onset of winter triggers Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, a mood disorder in which sufferers experience symptoms of depression.

2010-08-31 13:05:42

All humans are synchronised to the rhythmic light-dark changes that occur on a daily basis.

2010-04-15 14:10:00

A research team has tested the utility of the short version of WHO-DAS II, a tool to assess within five minutes disability in patients with depression, "which in the case of primary care is even more practicable than the long version of the instrument".

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