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2010-11-11 09:35:00

Archaeologists have discovered six mummified dogs that they believe were used in 15th Century religious ceremonies.

2010-11-01 09:35:00

Marijuana usage for medicinal purposes has been legal in California since 1996, but a new, hard-fought referendum will be on the ballot Tuesday for voters to decide whether or not to become the first US state to legalize all marijuana consumption, cultivation and trade.

2010-10-25 09:20:00

Capital punishment sentences across the country are being postponed due to a shortage of a drug used to carry out the executions.

2010-10-13 06:30:00

Officials said the US lifted a ban on Tuesday on deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico imposed after the BP oil spill.

2010-09-27 09:20:00

Speaking before a business conference in Kuala Lumpur, entrepreneur Richard Branson confirmed that his Virgin Galactic company will be ready to begin commercial space flights within the next 18 months.

2010-09-06 07:40:00

People once restricted from a large part of society due to physical and mental impairments are now finding a virtual world of Internet gadgets, tools and software that offers them opportunity and equality.

2010-08-11 12:43:49

Contractors are set to start salvaging the wreckage of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, which could provide key evidence for a criminal investigation.

2010-08-05 10:55:00

BP has received the all-clear to begin pumping cement into the damaged Gulf of Mexico oil well that has been leaking crude into the region's waters for more than 100 days.

2010-08-02 11:15:00

A hacker is making mobile phone snooping affordable by showing how to build a call-catching system for just $1,500.

2010-07-27 05:40:00

Doctors in Israel have developed a unique “sniffing” controller that allows people with severe disabilities to use their noses to write, surf the Web, and even navigate their wheelchairs.

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