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2012-04-02 15:31:10

At the time of diagnosis, the majority of breast cancers are categorized as estrogen-receptor positive, or hormone sensitive, which means their cancerous cells may need estrogen to grow.

2011-11-14 15:16:23

In the last three decades, thousands of women with breast cancer have taken the drug tamoxifen, only to discover that the therapy doesn't work, either because their tumors do not respond to the treatment at all, or because they develop resistance to it over time.

2011-11-14 11:35:29

Researchers have shown how estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer tumors become resistant to tamoxifen, the only approved hormonal therapy for premenopausal patients with this type of breast cancer.

2011-07-25 07:00:00

EMERYVILLE, Calif., July 25, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Bionovo, Inc.

2011-03-31 01:34:12

The estrogen inhibitor tamoxifen can prevent breast cancer from coming back in treated women whose tumors grow in the presence of the hormone.

2010-04-01 08:49:18

Professor Didier Picard's team in Switzerland uncovers a mechanism of resistance of tumor cells to the widespread treatment of the so-called hormone-dependent types.

2009-11-24 17:38:53

Researchers have found that hormones produced during pregnancy induce a protein that directly inhibits the growth of breast cancer.

2009-10-20 07:00:00

EMERYVILLE, Calif., Oct. 20 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Bionovo Inc. (Nasdaq: BNVI) announced today the publication of results from its study on the inhibitory effect of tamoxifen on estrogen receptor beta (ERb) gene regulation.

2009-06-24 07:56:03

Differences in growth factor (GF) signaling may cause the poor prognosis in some breast cancer cases. A new study, published in the open access journal BMC Medical Genomics, suggests that some estrogen receptor-positive breast cancers respond poorly to tamoxifen because of increased GF signaling.

2009-06-11 12:25:40

Dutch and U.S. medical researchers have discovered a protein profile that may predict whether a breast cancer patient will be resistant to tamoxifen therapy. Tamoxifen is a widely used and effective drug designed to treat breast cancer.

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