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White-headed Lapwing
2009-02-27 15:28:06

The White-headed Lapwing (Vanellus albiceps) also known as the White-headed Plover or White-crowned Plover, is a species of wading bird resident throughout tropical Africa. It is most common around large rivers. This is a striking bird with its wings and tail patterned in black and white. The back is brown and the underparts white. The head is mainly gray colored, but with a white crown and...

Standard-winged Nightjar
2009-01-20 21:15:13

The Standard-winged Nightjar (Macrodipteryx longipennis) is a species of bird that is a resident breeder in Africa from Senegal east to Ethiopia. It is found in dry savannah habitats, with some scrub. This bird is 7.9 to 9 inches long. This nightjar is relatively short-tailed, and lacks white in the wings or tail. The song is a churring trill. The adult male has a bizarre wing ornament...

Great Blue Tauraco
2009-01-17 19:47:56

The Great Blue Tauraco (Corythaeola cristata) is a species of Turaco found in Africa. This bird is actively hunted for meat and its feathers in the Bandundu province of the D.R.C. (formerly Zaire). The tail feathers are prized for making good luck talismans. In the Bandundu town of Kitwit, this bird is commonly known as "Kolonvo". This is the largest Turaco species, ranging from 27.5 to...

Gray Go-away-bird
2009-01-17 19:31:10

The Gray Go-away-bird (Corythaixoides concolor) also known as the Gray Lourie, Gray Loerie, or Kwêvoël, is a species of bird found in southern Africa. Its habitat is dry open savanna woodlands, farms, parks, and suburban gardens. It is often found near water. This bird is uniformly gray in color with a black beak and noticeably pink gape. It has a unique loud booming quare call that...

Southern Carmine Bee-eater
2009-01-17 16:06:18

The Southern Carmine Bee-eater (Merops nubicoides), formerly known as Carmine Bee-eater, is a species of bird found across sub-equatorial Africa, extending from Zululand and Namibia to Gabon, eastern Zaire and Kenya. Its preferred habitat includes low-altitude river valleys and floodplains, usually found on vertical banks suitable for tunneling. It may also burrow in the level surface of small...

Big-eyed Tree Frog
2009-01-13 18:10:31

The Big-eyed Tree Frog (Leptopelis vermiculatus) is a species of frog found in Tanzania, Africa. It inhabits closed-canopy wet tropical rainforests between 2900 and 5900 feet. In literature it is sometimes referred to as the Amani Forest Tree Frog. It is a medium to large specimen ranging in length from 1.5 to 3.33 inches. It has two distinct color phases. In the first color phase they are...

Red-knobbed Coot Fulica cristata
2008-12-26 09:45:19

The Red-knobbed Coot (Fulica cristata), also known as the Crested Coot, is a species of bird in the rail and crake family Rallidae. It is resident across much of Africa and in southernmost Spain during the breeding season. Its habitat is freshwater lakes, ponds and waterside grasslands. It is aggressive and strongly territorial during the breeding season. The Red-knobbed Coot is mostly black...

African Palm Swift
2008-11-29 21:05:03

The African Palm Swift (Cypsiurus parvus), is a species of swift found in tropical Africa. They spend most of their time in the air, living on insects which it collects in flight. They often feed near the ground, and drink on the wing. This 6.25 inch long species is mainly pale brown in color. It has long swept-back wings that resemble a crescent or a boomerang. The body is slender, and the...

Little Swift
2008-11-29 19:24:45

The Little Swift (Apus affinis), also known as House Swift, is a small bird similar in appearance to a barn swallow or house martin. It is, however, unrelated to these passerine species, as swift's are in the separate order Apodiformes. The resemblance between the two orders are due to close life styles brought on through evolution. They are found from Africa eastwards through southern tropical...

African Harrier Hawk
2008-11-25 22:23:36

The African Harrier Hawk (Polyboroides typus), or Gymnogene, is a bird of prey found in Africa south of the Sahara Desert. Its natural habitat is woodland with palm trees and often near water. Adults are about 23.5 to 26 inches in length. The upperparts, head and breast are pale gray. The belly is white with fine dark barring. The broad wings are pale gray with a black trailing edge fringed...

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