Latest African Grey Parrot Stories

2011-05-02 23:37:50

These bird brains are proving to be smarter than we thought When African Grey parrots talk, do they mimic sounds or consciously understand their speech? Irene Pepperberg, a comparative psychologist at both Brandeis and Harvard universities believes African Greys actually know what they're talking about. "They understand things like categories of color, material and shape, number concepts, and concepts of bigger and smaller, concepts of similarity and difference, and absence; things we once...

2008-11-20 15:49:46

A Somerset, England, woman said her parrot has been put on the anti-depressant Prozac because the death of her husband made the bird depressed. Helen Dance said the death nine months ago of her husband, George, who had raised the parrot from a chick, took a heavy toll on Fred, an African Grey parrot, The Sun reported Thursday. Dance said experts told her the parrot seemed to be suffering from a deep depression because he could not understand George Dance's sudden absence. The widow said Fred...

2005-07-11 18:54:30

Waltham, Mass. "“ A Brandeis University researcher has shown that an African grey parrot with a walnut-sized brain understands a numerical concept akin to zero "“ an abstract notion that humans don't typically understand until age three or four, and that can significantly challenge learning-disabled children Strikingly, Alex, the 28-year-old parrot who lives in a Brandeis lab run by comparative psychologist and cognitive scientist Dr. Irene Pepperberg, spontaneously and correctly...

2005-07-10 17:00:00

During the course of human evolution, our ancestors eventually grasped the abstract concept of counting nothing, or 'zero'. Is this a unique component of human intelligence? Or does one of the most sophisticated abstractions discovered yet among animals tell us anything about the evolution of intelligence, on Earth or elsewhere? Astrobiology Magazine -- A Brandeis University researcher has shown that an African grey parrot with a walnut-sized brain understands a numerical concept akin to zero...

2005-02-06 10:01:54

CARIBBEAN NATIONAL FOREST, Puerto Rico (AP) -- Raucous squawking erupts from cages filled with dozens of parrots - a hopeful sound from a species on the brink of extinction. The last chance of survival for the Puerto Rican parrot may lie in forest aviaries where these captive birds began their nesting in January under close observation. Researchers estimate only 30 to 35 Puerto Rican parrots remain in the wild, making it one of the world's 10 most endangered birds. Parrots across the...

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