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The Late Jim 'Lizard King' Morrison Gets Giant Extinct Reptile Named After Him
2013-06-05 14:16:05

The late rocker Jim Morrison may have been known as “the Lizard King” during his heyday in the late-1960s, but another creature that lived 40 million years ago is being hailed as the “king of lizards.”

2009-07-28 16:05:00

Armored crickets have a strange yet remarkable way of defending themselves from being attacked, squirting out toxic blood from tiny gaps in their body and then throwing up to make themselves unpalatable to predators.

2008-09-22 09:00:30

Chloee Bird shows delight instead of fright as Big Thunder, a bearded dragon, climbs on top of her head Sunday at the Reptile Expo at the Utah State Fairpark. Hundreds of people turned out to look at spiders, snakes, lizards and insects. (c) 2008 Deseret News (Salt Lake City).

2008-06-13 10:15:00

Why bother running on hind legs when the four you've been given work perfectly well? This is the question that puzzles Christofer Clemente.

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2007-03-19 15:55:44

The Frill-necked Lizard, Chlamydosaurus kingii, also known as the Frilled Lizard or Frilled Dragon, is found in southern New Guinea, the Kimberley and across northern Australia. It primarily inhabits savanna woodlands, but may also be found in tropical to warm temperate forests. It also is found where there is an open scrub or tussock grass under story. The term frilled is in reference to the large ruff of skin which usually lies folded back against its head and neck. The frill is...

2005-06-23 09:37:03

The Central or Inland Bearded Dragon (Pogona vitticeps) is a type of agamid lizard found in the desert regions of Australia. Of the several species of the Pogona genus, P. vitticeps is the most commonly seen in pet stores. Bearded dragons are omnivores, consuming a wide variety of foods. In captivity, dragons will eat salads, crickets, mealworms (however mealworms should not be given to young dragons due to potential impaction issues), and as treats, superworms. Never collect your own...

2005-06-22 14:36:46

The so-called water dragons are large diurnal arboreal agamid lizards in the genus Physignathus, which includes Physignathus cocincinus, the Green or Chinese Water Dragon, and Physignathus lesueurii, the Australian Water Dragon. They are sometimes kept as pets, especially P. cocincinus, though a full-grown male of that species will measure about three feet (1 meter) total length and thus requires a fairly large enclosure for proper care. P. cocincinus is found throughout South-East Asia,...

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