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2012-09-02 23:01:45

Anti-aging website, AntiAgingProductsReviewed.com, is announcing new anti-aging reports so they can help women not only combat the signs of physical facial signs of aging but with other aging symptoms as well after a new report reveals the truth behind the popular longevity diet. Houston, TX. (PRWEB) September 02, 2012 After reports showed that the ℠longevity diet´ a popular diet plan that includes drastic, low-calorie diets, may not help people live longer and prevent premature...

2012-08-10 23:02:08

Anti-aging website, AntiAgingProductsReviewed.com , is announcing new anti-aging reports to help baby boomers not only combat the signs of physical facial signs of aging but with mental aging as well in light of the revelation that actor Billy Crystal will be releasing a new book on aging. Houston, TX. (PRWEB) August 10, 2012 After Billy Crystal revealed he would be writing a book on aging for the baby boomer generation, AntiAgingProductsReviewed.com announced a new report offer for those...

2012-08-02 23:02:31

Anti-aging website, AntiAgingProductsReviewed.com, is announcing new anti-aging reports to help women not only combat the signs of physical facial signs of aging but with mental aging as well after a study about women and brain aging was released from the University of California at Berkley. Houston, TX (PRWEB) August 02, 2012 After reports showed that stress often causes women´s brains to age faster than men's, AntiAgingProductsReviewed.com announced an offer for those looking to gain...

2012-06-08 10:38:34

Using a new and powerful approach to understand the origins of neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer's disease, researchers at Mayo Clinic in Florida are building the case that these diseases are primarily caused by genes that are too active or not active enough, rather than by harmful gene mutations. In the June 7 online issue of PLoS Genetics, they report that several hundred genes within almost 800 brain samples of patients with Alzheimer's disease or other disorders had altered...

2012-05-09 21:32:20

Efforts to understand how the aging process affects the brain and cognition have expanded beyond simply comparing younger and older adults. "Everybody ages differently. By looking at genetic variations and individual differences in markers of vascular health, we begin to understand that preventable factors may affect our chances for successful aging," said Wayne State University psychology doctoral student Andrew Bender, lead author of a study supported by the National Institute on Aging...

2012-04-24 22:18:34

Research shows chronic users' brains age dramatically faster than their non-drug-using peers New research by scientists at the University of Cambridge suggests that chronic cocaine abuse accelerates the process of brain aging. The study, published today 25 April in Molecular Psychiatry, found that age-related loss of grey matter in the brain is greater in people who are dependent on cocaine than in the healthy population. For the study, the researchers scanned the brains of 120 people...

2012-02-14 11:35:36

Cognitive loss and brain degeneration currently affect millions of adults, and the number will increase, given the population of aging baby boomers. Today, nearly 20 percent of people age 65 or older suffer from mild cognitive impairment and 10 percent have dementia. UCLA scientists previously developed a brain-imaging tool to help assess the neurological changes associated with these conditions. The UCLA team now reports in the February issue of the journal Archives of Neurology that the...

Eating Less Improves Brain Function
2011-12-20 08:36:55

Calorie restriction activates genes linked to longevity and brain function, according to a new Italian study with mice. The researchers found that overeating may cause brain aging, while eating less turns on a molecule that helps the brain stay young. The discovery could lead to new treatments to keep the brain in a healthy, youthful state without the need for a restrictive diet, the researchers said. Previous studies using animals have found that low calorie diets extend life,...

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