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2011-09-09 11:23:49

Batteries could get a boost from an Oak Ridge National Laboratory discovery that increases power, energy density and safety while dramatically reducing charge time. A team led by Hansan Liu, Gilbert Brown and Parans Paranthaman of the Department of Energy lab's Chemical Sciences Division found that titanium dioxide creates a highly desirable material that increases surface area and features a fast charge-discharge capability for lithium ion batteries. Compared to conventional technologies,...

2011-01-31 15:02:00

NEW YORK, Jan. 31, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Arsenal Capital Partners, a leading New York-based private equity firm that invests in middle-market specialty industrial, healthcare, and financial services companies, announced today that its portfolio company Novolyte Technologies has completed the formation of a new joint venture with Foosung Co., Ltd., creating an integrated global producer of lithium-ion battery electrolytes, a key component in the rapidly growing market for lithium batteries...

2010-12-09 20:06:18

High-resolution video shows how batteries wear out over time New high resolution images of electrode wires made from materials used in rechargeable lithium ion batteries shows them contorting as they become charged with electricity. The thin, nano-sized wires writhe and fatten as lithium ions flow in during charging, according to a paper in this week's issue of the journal Science. The work suggests how rechargeable batteries eventually give out and might offer insights for building better...

2010-09-01 08:00:00

CLEVELAND, Sept. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Novolyte Technologies, a world leading manufacturer and supplier of specialty electrolyte materials for lithium ion battery and energy storage applications, high performance solvents and other specialty chemicals, today announced that is has signed a definitive agreement with Foosung Co., Ltd., a leading global producer of specialty lithium salts for lithium batteries, to form a new joint venture platform that will create an integrated global producer of...

2010-08-14 06:53:20

Paraffin and surfactant oleic acid improve synthesis of lithium manganese phosphate electrodes A little wax and soap can help build electrodes for cheaper lithium ion batteries, according to a study in August 11 issue of Nano Letters. The one-step method will allow battery developers to explore lower-priced alternatives to the lithium ion-metal oxide batteries currently on the market. "Paraffin provides a medium in which to grow good electrode materials," said material scientist Daiwon Choi...

2008-11-20 12:25:00

Rechargeable lithium ion batteries provide portable devices that require a lot of energy, such as mobile telephones, digital cameras, and notebook computers, with power. However, their capacity, and thus the running time of the devices, remain somewhat limited. A notebook computer thus usually runs only about two hours. The reason for this is the relatively small capacity of the graphite anode in these batteries to absorb lithium ions. A team led by Jaephil Cho at Hanyang University in Korea...

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