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2013-08-14 23:17:49

The Air Traffic Control Global: “2013 Safety Leadership of the Year” Finalist; InFlight Labs, LLC, has announced that they have developed a revolutionary 2-Way Audio and Video Communication Technology for Flight Attendants called SkyBridge™ InFlight Video Communications – which offers routine and emergency ‘Aircraft-Wide’ and ‘Aircraft-to-Ground’ Audio/Video Communication for Flight Attendants to ground personnel by leveraging iPads and related devices. New York, New York...

2013-08-11 23:02:13

Under enormous pressure to cut costs, healthcare leaders are looking to other industries for lessons in efficiency and culture change referred to as lean healthcare methods, and LifeWings has incorporated this methodology into their training. LifeWings, a team of pilots, astronauts, physicians and process improvement experts trained by Toyota, is one of the first consultant companies to provide this blended approach to performance improvement for health care. Collierville, TN (PRWEB)...

2013-08-01 23:27:42

On July 6th, Asiana flight 214, a B-777, hit the sea wall on approach to San Francisco airport (SFO), causing the death of three passengers. The effort to stop patient harm due to preventable medical error in healthcare can be assisted by examining some of the factors in the loss of life in aviation. Collierville, Tennessee (PRWEB) August 01, 2013 On July 6th, Asiana flight 214, a B-777, hit the sea wall on approach to San Francisco airport, causing the death of three passengers. While...

AirSTAR: Saving The Lives Of Pilots And Passengers
2013-07-24 10:46:43

NASA [ Watch The Video AirSTAR, Making Airliners Safer ] Loss-of-Control (LOC) occurs when an aircraft departs from normal flight. It is the leading accident category for aircraft fatalities in the commercial fleet. "Yet, flight experiments with transport aircraft are rarely conducted on conditions present in LOC accidents," said David Cox, element lead for subscale testing at NASA's Langley Research Center. For Cox and the rest of the AirSTAR (Airborne Subscale Transport Aircraft...

NextGen Helps With Air Traffic Management Concepts And Procedures
2013-07-24 10:05:32

NASA The Federal Aviation Administration estimates that there are approximately 23,000 scheduled takeoffs and landings in the U.S. each day. Behind the scenes, air traffic controllers coordinate and communicate movements to the pilots that ensure safe operations with minimal delays. Even further behind the scenes, at NASA Langley's Air Traffic Operations Laboratory (ATOL), pilots and air traffic controllers have a unique opportunity to improve or develop new air traffic management...

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