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2013-04-22 14:15:38

UC San Francisco Study Examines Role of Immune Cell in Triggering Muscle Regrowth UC San Francisco scientists have discovered that muscle repair requires the action of two types of cells better known for causing inflammation and forming fat. The finding in mice, published in the April 11 issue of Cell, showed that a well-known immune cell called the eosinophil  [ee-oh-SIN-oh-fil] carries out the beneficial role in two ways — by clearing out cellular debris from damaged tissue...

2011-12-13 15:00:20

Ability of Brown Fat to Burn Calories Linked to Immune Cells, Say UCSF Researchers Throughout the interior spaces of humans and other warm-blooded creatures is a special type of tissue known as brown fat, which may hold the secret to diets and weight-loss programs of the future. Unlike ordinary “white” fat, in which the body stores excess calories, brown fat can burn calories to heat up the body. It´s one of the things that helps keep wild critters warm on cold nights....

2009-10-18 12:55:56

Macrophages, the scavenger cells of the body's immune system, are responsible for disposing of dying cells. Stanford University School of Medicine researchers have identified one pathway in this important process in mice that, if disrupted, causes a lupuslike autoimmune disease. The findings could lead to both a better understanding of the cause of lupus in humans and potential drug treatments for the disorder, which affects an estimated 1.5-2 million people in the United States. "Just like...

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