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2012-06-01 23:01:58

US Senate candidate David Levitt of California called on his party's leaders to reverse the policy of secrecy regarding the abuse, kidnapping, torture and death of suspects in US custody, and to suspend the policy whereby the president, without judicial review and without knowing the identities of the victims, assassinates terror suspects in their countries using drone weapons. Sebastopol, California (PRWEB) June 01, 2012 Democratic candidate for US Senate David Levitt of California called...

Authorities Investigating Possible Terror Threat Linked To Online Image
2012-04-03 07:56:11

Counterterrorism experts from the FBI and the New York Police Department (NYPD) are investigating an image posted on multiple Arabic-language websites which appears to suggest that New York may once again be the target of a terrorist attack. According to Jana Winter of FoxNews.com, the "mysterious" image resembles a Hollywood-style movie poster and includes the phrase, "Al Qaeda Coming Soon Again in New York." Law enforcement officials are concerned enough about the graphic that they have...

2012-01-09 13:39:15

Hackers invading databases is just the tip of the iceberg in online terrorist activity: International terrorist organizations have shifted their Internet activity focus to social networks and today a number of Facebook groups are asking users to join and support Hezbollah, Hamas and other armed groups that have been included in the West´s list of declared terror organizations. This has been shown in a new study conducted by Prof. Gabriel Weimann of the University of Haifa. “Today,...

2011-12-12 15:49:10

Over the past decade, attacks and plots by homegrown U.S. terrorists have increased, the work of extremists from across the political spectrum - roughly 40 percent of it by so-called 'lone wolf,' non-aligned actors - says an analysis by the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) based at the University of Maryland. The statistics underscore the threat addressed in a White House plan released Thursday: Strategic Implementation Plan for Empowering...

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