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Computer Model Optimizes Biofuel Operations
2012-01-18 05:00:56

Research into biofuel crops such as switchgrass and Miscanthus has focused mainly on how to grow these crops and convert them into fuels. But many steps lead from the farm to the biorefinery, and each could help or hinder the growth of this new industry. A new computer model developed at the University of Illinois can simplify this transition, researchers say. The model can run millions of simulations, optimizing operations to bring down costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions or achieve...

2010-07-27 01:09:26

Sensors currently used to monitor the quality of diesel fuel and biodiesel blended fuels during engine operation are unable to adequately detect certain important fuel quality concerns. Alan Hansen, professor of agricultural and biological engineering at the University of Illinois, and his colleagues are working to develop new technologies to improve these commercially-available sensors. "Our research is contributing to the development of a sensor that, when placed in the fuel line prior to...

2008-08-24 00:00:10

By The Associated Press FARMINGTON, Utah (AP) - Lose a bet, kiss a horse.That's how Davis County Commissioner Alan Hansen found himself kissing a 3-year-old sand-colored horse named Reno.The smooch stemmed from a contest between employees at Davis County and the Davis Hospital and Medical Center.The rules: Members of the team who lost the most weight got to watch their boss kiss a farm animal.This year, the county employees won - county staffers lost 397.6 pounds, just slightly trimmer than...

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