Latest Alaska Interior Stories

2008-07-15 09:00:45

DIMPLE LAKE, Alaska _ The Arctic is burning. It long has, of course, but now with greater regularity and more ferocity. Splinters of lightning crackle on the tundra, setting ablaze runaway fires that toast the landscape black. Around this remote pond deep in the Arctic Circle, the ground is a singed sponge dotted with charred clumps of tussock grass. Nearby an emerald carpet covers nearly every inch of tundra in one shade or another of green, as it typically does for the 300 or more years...

2005-07-08 14:43:23

ANCHORAGE (Reuters) - Rising temperatures in Alaska have sparked an unusual number of storms along the state's south-central coast this summer, officials say, and the multitude of lightning strikes and resulting fires have burned more than 1 million acres . In recent weeks, there have been thunderstorms nearly every day along the normally temperate south-central coastline, Sharon Alden, manager of Alaska's fire weather program, said in an interview this week. So far this summer, there have...

2005-04-14 00:30:00

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- Alaska has a history of booms -- fur, gold, oil. This summer could see another -- a 'shroom boom. Morel mushrooms, treasured for French cooking, often thrive on land in the year following a forest fire, and Alaska set records in scorched earth last year. More than 6.5 million acres burned, mostly in Alaska's Interior, the vast middle swath between the Brooks Range to the north and the Alaska Range in the south. With the right moisture and temperatures, Alaska...

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