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2008-06-16 18:00:34

CEZ (Prague, Czech Republic), power group, got on to the tender for the acquisition of a 51-76% stake in the electric power distributor DSO (Albania) in Jun 2008. Together with CEZ, further three firms got on. They are Enel (Italy), EVN (Austria) and Energy Steiermark (Austria). The tender will be realized in Sep 2008. (c) 2008 Access Czech Republic Business Bulletin. Provided by ProQuest Information and Learning. All rights Reserved.

2008-03-04 12:00:29

BOSTON, March 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Divorce Albanian Style by Adela Media (Bulgaria, 2007, 66 min, in Albanian-Russian-Polish with English subtitles, narrated by award-winning British actor, Ben Cross) is a heart-rending film that reveals the experience of several thousands of Albanian families who were forcibly separated for marrying foreigners by the totalitarian regime of Albania's Enver Hoxha, the longest-serving European dictator of the 20th century. It tells a story of love and forced...

2007-09-12 19:27:21

SARANDA, Albania -- Encrusted with tiny shells and smelling strongly of the sea, a 2,400-year-old Greek jar lies in a saltwater bath in Durres Museum, on Albania's Adriatic coast. Part of a sunken shipment of up to 60 ceramic vessels, the 26-inch storage jar, or amphora, was the top find from what organizers say is the first archaeological survey of this small Balkan nation's seabed, conducted by U.S. and Albanian experts. "Touch it, touch it. It's luck," said mission leader George Robb of...

2006-09-04 09:54:45

By Benet Koleka TIRANA (Reuters) - Tom Ridge, the former U.S. Homeland Security chief, is to work as a consultant to Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha on security, NATO and investments. "We have agreed with Mr. Ridge he will be the adviser of the prime minister and the Albanian government effective this month," Berisha, flanked by Ridge, told reporters. "Our cooperation includes ... integration of Albania into NATO as a major priority, national security strategy and the fight...

2006-07-05 20:21:37

By Douglas Hamilton SKOPJE (Reuters) - Macedonia faced a change of government for the third time in eight years on Thursday, following a textbook election performance lacking in previous polls and a quick concession by the losers. The process was likely to please the European Union and NATO, which had appealed for a politically mature election. But the result could create new uncertainties in a country troubled by unrest among its 25 percent Albanian minority. Macedonia split from...

2006-05-12 00:28:03

BEIJING (Reuters) - A former leader of China's far western region of Xinjiang criticized the United States on Friday for allowing five Chinese Muslims released from Guantanamo Bay to seek asylum in Albania. Ismail Amat, a vice-chairman of China's parliament and formerly a senior Communist Party official in the Central Asia border region that is home to the country's Muslim Uighur minority, said the men should have been released into Chinese custody. "The way the U.S. has handled...

2006-05-07 04:13:26

DUBROVNIK, Croatia (Reuters) - Vice President Dick Cheney lent support on Sunday to three Balkan states seeking to join NATO and the European Union, saying their entry would help "rejuvenate" the two Western clubs. Cheney was speaking to a summit of the Adriatic Charter group, Croatia, Albania and Macedonia, in the picturesque port city of Dubrovnik as he wrapped up a five-day tour of ex-communist countries in transition to democracy.

2006-05-05 18:37:09

By Will Dunham WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States said on Friday it had flown five Chinese Muslim men who had been held at the Guantanamo Bay prison to resettle in Albania, declining to send them back to China because they might face persecution. The State Department said Albania accepted the five ethnic Uighurs -- including two whose quest for freedom went all the way to the the Supreme Court -- for resettlement as refugees. The Pentagon said 17 other Chinese Uighurs remained...

2005-08-01 19:09:42

KOMOTINI, Greece -- Archaeologists excavating along the Via Egnatia are revealing the secrets of the ancient Romans' equivalent of an interstate highway. Stretching 535 miles across modern-day Albania, Macedonia and Greece, the stone-paved road made the going easy for charioteers, soldiers and other travelers. It was up to 30 feet wide in places and was dotted with safety features, inns and service stations. "This was a busy road, and the Romans managed to make it completely functional,"...

2005-07-24 02:23:58

Intimate partner violence affects women worldwide, but in Albania, more than a third of married women experience violence from their husbands during a year, and more empowered women are at greater risk, according to a study in this week's BMJ. Researchers at the University of Tirana, the capital city of Albania surveyed 1039 married women aged 25-65 living in Tirana. Women were asked about their experience of being hit, slapped, kicked, or otherwise physically hurt by the husband....

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Adriatic Sea
2013-04-18 22:08:38

The Adriatic Sea is a body of water dividing the Italian Peninsula from the Balkan Peninsula and the Apennine Mountains from the Dinaric Alps and neighboring ranges. This sea is the northernmost arm of the Mediterranean Sea, stretching from the Strait of Otranto to the northwest and the Po Valley. It contains over 1300 islands, mainly located along the eastern, Croatian, coast. Its divided into three basins, the northern one being the shallowest and the southern one being the deepest; a...

2005-06-22 14:34:26

The Erhard's wall lizard (Podarcis erhardii) lives in the Balkan Peninsula as well as the Aegean islands. In the mainland it ranges from Albania, the Republic of Macedonia and southern Bulgaria to the northeastern part of the Peloponnese peninsula in Greece. In the Aegean archipelago it doesn't occur in Milos and the surrounding islands, where it is replaced by Milos wall lizard. The length of the lizard's body is about 7 cm; the tail is twice as long. The head is rather wide, and the skin...

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