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2004-12-18 12:28:33

NEW YORK (AP) -- On a trip on the Tokyo subway last year, almost everyone ignored the young man talking on one wireless phone, messaging with another and juggling a third. Such cell phone overload would almost certainly get noticed in the United States, which lags the rest of the developed world in wireless use. An estimated 57 percent of the U.S. population chats on wireless phones - not much greater than the percentage of wireless phone users in much poorer Jamaica, where 54 percent of the...

2004-11-29 12:00:00

Rebecca McLaughlin suspects 2-year-old son Liam is responsible for the sticky goop -- probably apple juice -- that invaded her old Nokia cellphone and rendered it useless. But who and what caused the problem doesn't matter. What does matter is that she needs a new phone, pronto. That was why Ms. McLaughlin was visiting the Cingular Wireless, Verizon Wireless and Sprint PCS kiosks and carts just paces apart at Valley View Center last week, trolling for a free phone and the best deal on a...

Word of the Day
  • The unit of magnetic flux density in the International System of Units, equal to the magnitude of the magnetic field vector necessary to produce a force of one newton on a charge of one coulomb moving perpendicular to the direction of the magnetic field vector with a velocity of one meter per second. It is equivalent to one weber per square meter.
This word is named for Nikola Tesla, the inventor, engineer, and futurist.