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2014-02-06 23:23:25

Doctor Ross McRonald questions the final resting place of Jesus Christ in his new book. Miami (PRWEB) February 06, 2014 Billions of people hold the belief that Jesus Christ died on the cross for the sins of the world. What if Jesus didn’t actually perish on the cross? Author, Ross McRonald makes this claim in his new book, “The Crisis of Revelation.” Inspired by previous works, such as” Holy Blood”, “Holy Grail”, “The Tomb of God” and “The Da Vinci Code”,...

2010-12-14 09:45:00

Art detectives took a fresh look at the Mona Lisa on Sunday and noticed tiny letters and numbers hidden in the famous painting's eyes. Experts say that the barely distinguishable letters and numbers that artist Leonardo da Vinci placed in the painting represent something of a real-life Da Vinci code. Dan Brown, author of the best-seller The Da Vinci Code, wrote in the fictional story that the Mona Lisa contained hidden clues about the Holy Grail. Silvano Vinceti, president of Italy's...

2010-03-31 09:39:34

University of Montreal researchers decode food served in legendary painting The Last Supper "“ relentlessly studied, scrutinized, satirized and one the world's most famous paintings "“ is still revealing secrets. Researchers Olivier Bauer, Nancy Labont©, Jonas Saint-Martin and S©bastien Fillion of the University of Montreal Faculty of Theology have found new meaning to the food depicted by Leonardo Da Vinci's famous artwork. "We asked ourselves why Da Vinci chose those...

2009-09-16 14:04:06

Dan Brown's eagerly awaited novel The Lost Symbol sold 1 million copies the day it was released in the United States, England and Canada, its publisher said. Brown's previous books The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons were blockbusters that were adapted as hit movies. Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group told The New York Times it is printing another 600,000 copies of Symbol after more than 1 million hardcover and e-book versions were sold Tuesday. The publisher's first run of the thriller...

2009-09-11 20:46:49

Washington tourism officials are gearing up for visitors expected to look for real-life places depicted in Dan Brown's latest novel, The Lost Symbol. The novel, said to be set in the capital and to involve Freemasons, is scheduled to be released Tuesday, USA Today reports. If it becomes a mega-hit like The Da Vinci Code, fans are likely to hit the road looking for places featured in the novel. The Masonic House of the Temple, U.S. headquarters for the Scottish Rite, says the number of...

2009-05-14 17:02:00

CULVER CITY, Calif., May 14 /PRNewswire/ -- As Professor Robert Langdon races against time to stop an unspeakable Illuminati threat against the Vatican in Angels & Demons, in theaters everywhere this Friday, May 15, he will have a legion of supporters. Moviegoers with accounts on Twitter can follow "AandDmovie" on the sharing and discovery platform (Twitter.com/AandDmovie). Followers will receive a feed of clues to experience Langdon's mystery for themselves. The first followers to...

2009-05-14 08:26:22

The Christian media watchdog group The Resistance says it plans to have members disrupt screenings of the film Angels & Demons at U.S. theaters. The Resistance said in a release it will have dozens of theaters in major cities filled with their members to interrupt the premiere by shouting at audiences about how the film and novel it's based on are a fraud aimed at covering up the fact that the Illuminati secret society continues to exist and illegally influences political affairs in...

2009-05-12 14:58:38

Sony Classical Tuesday released the original motion picture soundtrack of its upcoming Vatican-set movie Angels & Demons. The album features an original score by Academy Award-winning composer Hans Zimmer and solos by Grammy Award-winning violinist Joshua Bell. The movie, which is a follow-up to the blockbuster The Da Vinci Code is slated to open Friday with Tom Hanks reprising his role as mystery-solving Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon. Joshua played like an angel with his violin...

2009-05-07 09:00:49

L'Osservatore Romano, the official Vatican newspaper, has described the controversial Catholic-themed film Angels & Demons as harmless entertainment. Set largely at the Vatican, Demons is the follow-up to director Ron Howard's international blockbuster The Da Vinci Code. Both Demons and Code are big-screen adaptations of Dan Brown thrillers and star Hollywood actor Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon, a mystery-solving Harvard University symbologist. Some Catholic leaders have spoken out against...

2009-04-20 13:13:10

Columbia Pictures is fast-tracking a movie based on U.S. author Dan Brown's soon-to-be-published follow-up to The Da Vinci Code, Variety.com said. Angels & Demons, the second installment in the Code film franchise, hits U.S. theaters May 15. Like Code, it is based on a Brown mystery, was directed by Ron Howard and stars Tom Hanks as symbologist Robert Langdon. Both the film and novel versions of 'Code" were major blockbusters. Variety.com said it was announced Monday that Brown's third...

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