Latest Alcohol and cancer Stories

2009-06-08 07:56:05

Unhealthy behaviors like smoking and excessive alcohol use could put you at risk for colorectal cancer.

2009-06-08 01:01:53

Colorectal cancer rates are dropping nationwide but the incidence among U.S.

2009-05-29 08:31:09

Childhood cancer survivors are significantly more likely to develop cancer again later in life than the general population, according to a new study.

2009-05-28 21:03:00

Danish researchers say childhood cancer survivors have a persistent risk for a second primary cancer.

2009-05-27 08:34:49

Childhood cancer survivors have a persistent and high risk for a second primary cancer throughout their lives, according to a new study published in the May 26 online issue of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

2009-05-26 18:12:32

Many people misjudge their actual degree of cancer risk and as a result their true need for prevention, U.S. researchers said.

2009-05-26 13:48:50

A U.S. doctor says teens who report they drink others under the table may be at higher risk of alcoholism. Dr.

2009-05-15 09:26:47

Working with a population of individuals at risk for gastrointestinal cancers, researchers at Fox Chase Cancer Center have learned that many people misjudge their actual degree of cancer risk and, therefore

2009-05-05 16:45:00

New research shows that very light wine consumption over the long term appears to lead to a longer life.

2009-04-30 23:35:29

A Dutch study has found that middle-aged men who drink about half a glass of wine a day live five years longer on average than alcohol abstainers. Dr. Martinette Streppel of Wageningen University followed 1,373 men born between 1900 and 1920 for 40 years, ending in 2000, the Daily Mirror reported.

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