Latest Alcohol and cancer Stories

2009-02-25 07:15:00

Ladies, a glass of wine a day may increase your chances of developing cancer.

2009-02-18 12:16:54

A meta-analysis by Dutch researchers found cancer survivors -- especially women -- have a greater risk of unemployment. Angela G. E. M.

2009-02-12 21:49:33

A meta-analysis by U.S. researchers finds people who exercise lower their risk of colon cancer. Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and Harvard University combined and analyzed several decades worth of data from past studies on how exercise affects colon cancer risk.

2009-02-04 07:57:23

It's no secret alcohol abuse causes liver damage. But new research is explaining how drinking leads to the problem.

2009-02-03 08:41:57

Certain genetic changes are placing some people who drink alcohol at higher risk for cancer.

2009-01-19 23:24:49

A U.S. doctor suggests limiting alcohol consumption may lower the risk of developing some cancers. Breast cancer expert Dr.

2009-01-14 10:20:00

New research has revealed that people who drink alcohol in a group assess risk better and are less likely to make mistakes than those who drink alone.

2009-01-06 16:15:00

A new Japanese study suggests that drinking coffee may reduce a person’s risk of developing oral cancers.

2008-12-31 16:00:14

Regular drinking could put you at greater risk of developing colorectal cancer.

2008-12-27 14:04:07

Downing a pint of beer or large glass of wine every day increases the risk of liver and bowel cancer, says the World Cancer Research Fund in Britain. While some studies suggest moderate alcohol consumption can reduce heart disease, the same amount of alcohol may damage a person's DNA, increasing their risk of cancer by 20 percent, said Dr.

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