Latest Alcohol and cardiovascular disease Stories

2010-11-24 11:00:49

Research: Patterns of alcohol consumption and ischemic heart disease in culturally divergent countries: The Prospective Epidemiological Study of Myocardial Infarction (PRIME) Belfast's binge drinking culture could be behind the country's high rates of heart disease, according to a paper published on bmj.com on Nov. 23. The study, which compares drinking patterns of middle aged men in France and Belfast, finds that the volume of alcohol consumed over a week in both countries is almost...

2010-11-23 21:04:57

In a cross-sectional study from the 2004 and 2007 Australian National Drug Strategy Household (NDSH) surveys, respondents were questioned about their current and past drinking, the presence of formal diagnosis for specific diseases (heart disease, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, cancer, anxiety, depression) and self-perceived general health status. The sample sizes for the 2004 and 2007 NDSH surveys were 24,109 and 23,356, respectively. The authors report that respondents with a diagnosis of...

2010-08-27 08:16:36

(Ivanhoe Newswire) "” Rumor has it that one glass of red wine a day helps keep heart disease away. But there has always been disagreement about the health benefits of moderate drinking. A new"”and different"”study confirms that limited alcohol consumption can really reduce mortality in older adults. The benefits of moderate drinking are complicated because a number of underlying health risks can affect both alcohol consumption and mortality. Studies from the past have been...

2010-08-25 10:47:51

While moderate drinking "“ one to less than three drinks per day "“ is linked to a decrease in mortality in middle-aged and older adults, there is also concern that the health benefits of moderate drinking have been overestimated. A new study of the association between drinking and mortality during a 20-year period, which controlled for confounding factors such as previous problem drinking, confirms an association of moderate drinking and reduced mortality among older adults....

2010-05-19 11:05:00

According to a major study released Wednesday on the link between alcohol and cardiovascular disease, moderate drinkers enjoy more robust health than either big boozers or teetotalers. However, researchers cautioned that downing a glass or two of wine or its equivalent every day, may not contribute to enhanced wellbeing.  More likely, it indicates an otherwise healthy lifestyle. "There's too much talk about the benefits of moderate drinking," Boris Hansel, a researcher at the Hopital...

2010-04-09 13:47:21

New research has found that moderate drinking cuts heart disease risk in younger adults, according to a recent Reuters report. However, the researchers wrote in the journal Circulation that young adults are at low risk for heart disease, "and the beneficial effects obtained by a moderate alcohol intake may be negligible compared with the increased risk of, for instance, traffic accidents and cancer." Moderate drinking, which is typically defined as a drink or two a day, can be heart healthy...

2009-11-19 12:55:00

Cheers! A new large study issued Thursday has shown that daily alcohol consumption may cut men's risk of heart disease by more than a third, on average. The study consisted of more than 41,000 men and women in Spain between the ages of 29 and 69. Participants were monitored by researchers for 10 years. Researchers found that men who drank moderate, high and very high levels of alcohol all saw a decreased risk of heart disease when compared to those who did not drink regularly. Overall, 609...

2009-09-01 06:25:00

A new study indicates that those who drink on a regular basis tend to exercise more frequently than nondrinkers, and those who drink an average of one or two drinks daily appear to be the most physically active. After analyzing data from a government health survey of U.S. adults, researchers discovered that in general, there was a direct correlation between the amount of time people spent exercising and the number of alcoholic drinks they consumed on a monthly basis. Heavy drinkers, or women...

2009-08-31 00:40:43

Abstaining from alcohol consumption is associated with an increased risk of depression, researchers in Norway found. Researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and the University of Bergen said it has long been recognized that excessive alcohol consumption can lead to poor physical and mental health. The researchers -- using data from the Nord-Trondelag Health study that provided information on the drinking habits and mental health of more than 38,000 people -- showed...

2009-08-28 11:40:30

Abstaining from alcohol consumption is associated with an increased risk of depression according to a new study published in Addiction journal. It has long been recognized that excessive alcohol consumption can lead to poor physical and mental health.  However, there has been mounting evidence that low levels of alcohol consumption may also be associated with poor mental health possibly due to abstainers having other health problems or being reformed heavy drinkers. The study utilized...

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