Latest Alcohol and cardiovascular disease Stories

2009-08-28 11:40:30

Abstaining from alcohol consumption is associated with an increased risk of depression according to a new study published in Addiction journal.

2009-08-27 16:45:00

When it comes to alcohol consumption and depression, a new study by a team of Norwegian and British researchers shows that heavy drinkers – but also teetotalers -- have higher levels of depression and anxiety than those who drink moderately.

2009-03-06 14:46:04

People age 50 and older performed worse on special tests after having moderate amounts of alcohol, but they did not know it, U.S. researchers said.

2009-01-22 21:35:58

Light to moderate alcohol consumption might help seniors in good health prevent physical disability, U.S. researchers said. Lead study author Dr.

2009-01-16 00:10:00

If you're a senior in good health, light to moderate consumption of alcohol may also help prevent the development of physical disability.

2008-12-29 23:38:00

Moderate drinkers often have lower risks of Alzheimer's disease and other cognitive loss, U.S.

2008-07-11 15:00:13

An amount of alcohol that may be beneficial for men may not be good for women, Japanese researchers said. Study co-author Dr. Hiroyasu Iso of Osaka University in Japan analyzed data from a survey of 34,776 men and 48,906 women ages 40 to 79.

2008-03-07 10:25:00

Previous studies have pointed out the benefits of moderate alcohol consumption as a factor in lowering cardiovascular risk. In a study conducted by the Department of Family Medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina and published in the March 2008 issue of The American Journal of Medicine, researchers found that middle-aged non-drinkers who began consuming moderate amounts of alcohol saw an immediate benefit of lower cardiac disease morbidity with no change in mortality after four...

2006-08-24 12:24:01

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Less educated women face a greater risk of developing heart disease, research from Sweden shows.

2006-07-25 10:20:00

Older adults who have up to one drink a day may live longer and suffer fewer heart problems than teetotalers do -- though the exact reason remains unknown, researchers report.

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