Latest Alcohol dependence Stories

2010-07-15 02:38:29

Majority of those who used services from clergy also used professional services at some point.

2010-05-05 14:41:49

Genetic differences in alcohol-metabolizing enzymes can significantly alter an individual's risk for developing alcohol dependence (AD).

2010-04-06 07:32:50

While previous twin studies have consistently shown the importance of genetic influences on various measures of alcohol consumption, a full diagnostic assessment can be complicated and lengthy.

2010-04-06 07:27:00

Alcohol-use disorders (AUDs), referring to both alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence, affect nearly 8.5 percent of the American population, are associated with numerous medical, psychiatric, family, legal, and work-related problems, and cost an estimated $185 billion in 1998.

2010-03-16 09:19:15

Men and women with a history of alcohol abuse may not see long-term negative effects on their memory and thinking, but female smokers do, a new study suggests.

2010-02-02 11:12:16

Exposure to severe stress early in life increases the risk of alcohol and drug addiction. Yet surprisingly, some adults sexually abused as children — and therefore at high risk for alcohol problems — carry gene variants that protect them from heavy drinking and its effects, according to researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

2010-01-27 16:52:33

Studies of alcohol use and cognition among the elderly are rare and have mixed results.

2010-01-25 18:07:25

The findings suggest development of drug treatment for substance abuse.

2009-11-21 08:37:19

Older adults who have alcohol dependence problems drink significantly more than do younger adults who have similar problems, a new study has found.

2009-10-27 12:44:35

Your genetic make up may predispose you to drink more but may not increase your genetic risk for alcoholism (alcohol dependence).

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