Latest Alcohol dependence Stories

2011-01-28 11:05:00

Retired NFL players use painkillers at a much higher rate than the rest of us.

2011-01-20 07:49:02

A new study reveals alcoholism can have an impact on when you say your "I dos" and how long the commitment lasts.

2011-01-18 22:57:01

There has been an abundance of research on the associations between drinking behavior and marital status, but many questions remain regarding the timing of when an individual gets married and divorced and if there is any relation to alcohol use.

2010-07-15 02:38:29

Majority of those who used services from clergy also used professional services at some point.

2010-05-05 14:41:49

Genetic differences in alcohol-metabolizing enzymes can significantly alter an individual's risk for developing alcohol dependence (AD).

2010-04-06 07:32:50

While previous twin studies have consistently shown the importance of genetic influences on various measures of alcohol consumption, a full diagnostic assessment can be complicated and lengthy.

2010-04-06 07:27:00

Alcohol-use disorders (AUDs), referring to both alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence, affect nearly 8.5 percent of the American population, are associated with numerous medical, psychiatric, family, legal, and work-related problems, and cost an estimated $185 billion in 1998.

2010-03-16 09:19:15

Men and women with a history of alcohol abuse may not see long-term negative effects on their memory and thinking, but female smokers do, a new study suggests.

2010-02-02 11:12:16

Exposure to severe stress early in life increases the risk of alcohol and drug addiction. Yet surprisingly, some adults sexually abused as children — and therefore at high risk for alcohol problems — carry gene variants that protect them from heavy drinking and its effects, according to researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

2010-01-27 16:52:33

Studies of alcohol use and cognition among the elderly are rare and have mixed results.

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