Latest Alcohol tolerance Stories

2011-05-24 09:57:27

The popular, formerly caffeinated, fruity alcoholic beverage, Four Loko, has been blamed for the spike in alcohol-related hospitalizations, especially throughout college campuses.

2011-01-07 11:09:39

A vaccine to combat alcoholism will begin human testing next year, claim Chilean researchers.

2010-10-20 09:55:00

Researchers from the University of North Carolina (UNC) School of Medicine have discovered a gene that they say plays a key role in the metabolic processing of alcohol.

2009-09-24 11:22:46

Zero alcohol tolerance laws for drivers under age 21 found guilty of drunken driving have zero effect, a U.S.

2005-08-11 07:55:00

Hard-drinking fruit flies have helped U.S. and German scientists uncover a gene that may shed light on humans' tolerance to alcohol. The gene -- named hangover by its discoverers -- is part of a genetic pathway that enables the flies to deal with increasing amounts of alcohol, according to researchers.

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