Latest Aldrin Stories

2008-10-04 18:00:16

FLYMETOTHE MOON(U, 84 mins)Family/Comedy* IT'S a sad day when Christopher Lloyd flying up Amelia Earhart's nose can't salvage a film, but that day, unlikely a sit seems, has come. This is the story of three flies, Nat(Trevor Gagnon), IQ(Philip Bolden) and Scooter (David Gore) who stow away on the first moon landing. They all have different character' traits', "brave", "clever" and "fat" respectively, but they don't have a lot of personality. The high point of this film is the...

2008-09-05 21:00:14

By RENE RODRIGUEZ "Fly Me to the Moon" is the first feature-length computer- animated 'toon made specifically for 3-D. This is a good thing, because the movie would be unwatchable without it. Director Ben Stassen, a veteran of various 3-D IMAX movies, knows what he's doing when it comes to technological trickery that expands the depth of field. He's not quite as adept, however, at enlivening Domonic Paris' pedestrian screenplay with visual wit or humor. This story about three young...

2008-07-09 09:00:00

NVIDIA today announced that NVISION(R) 08 attendees are in for a special experience: an exclusive screening of "Fly Me to the Moon," a brand-new digital 3D animated feature that will open in August in the U.S. In addition, NVIDIA is delighted to welcome the second man to walk on the moon, former Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin, in a special guest appearance, addressing the NVISION audience at the beginning of the film screening. In the film, Mr. Aldrin plays himself in a live-action cameo....

2005-05-30 08:40:00

NEW YORK -- Thanks to video games, TV shows and movies such as "Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith" that are loaded with special effects, today's children don't have a realistic impression of space or space travel, says Buzz Aldrin, one of the men who planted the U.S. flag on the moon. But, he adds, it's not the kids' fault. Those working in the fields of math, science and engineering - the people who were inspired by the accomplishments of Aldrin, Neil Armstrong and others during...

2005-05-06 07:30:00

PUNTA DEL ESTE, Uruguay (AP) -- The United States is looking to join an international treaty calling for the phase-out of a dozen of the world's most hazardous pesticides and chemicals, a U.S. official said as delegates from 130 nations met here Thursday. The United States and Russia are the biggest industrialized countries that have yet to ratify the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants - a U.N.-sponsored treaty seeking to restrict 12 chemicals commonly known as the "dirty...

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