Latest Aliens of the Deep Stories

2005-10-05 06:55:00

NASA -- Dr. Pan Conrad is on a quest. Her search for signs of life in extreme environments has taken the JPL astrobiologist from the icy realms of the Arctic and the dry valleys of Antarctica to the scorching sands of Death Valley, California. The hunt landed Conrad at the bottom of the ocean with Oscar-winning director James Cameron and a role in his film "Aliens of the Deep." Last year, Cameron invited Conrad and her JPL colleague Dr. Lonne Lane to join him on an expedition to one of the...

2005-01-28 08:47:09

AP -- James Cameron goes down with the ship, again, in "Aliens of the Deep," his latest 3-D IMAX extravaganza. The "Titanic" director, who previously married his loves of filmmaking and underwater exploration in the 2003 documentary "Ghosts of the Abyss," takes his high-tech toys and a team of scientists and dives deep one more time. The results are frequently dazzling and sometimes even amusing, especially when creatures jump out at you from the screen. Chunks of coral jut toward your face,...

2005-01-28 07:50:00

Film director and exploration enthusiast James Cameron (Titanic, Aliens) gave Stanford graduate student Kevin Hand a chance to search for "alien" life close to home -- a mere 2 miles below the ocean surface -- as part of Cameron's IMAX documentary, Aliens of the Deep, which opens today. Astrobiology Magazine -- Stanford graduate student Kevin Hand explores the potential for life on Europa, an icy moon of Jupiter, for his doctoral work with geological and environmental sciences Associate...

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