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2009-04-29 14:15:15

For two decades, researchers have been using a growing volume of genetic data to debate whether ancestors of Native Americans emigrated to the New World in one wave or successive waves, or from one ancestral Asian population or a number of different populations. Now, after painstakingly comparing DNA samples from people in dozens of modern-day Native American and Eurasian groups, an international team of scientists thinks it can put the matter to rest: Virtually without exception the new...

2008-10-13 09:57:06

The stickleback fish, Gasterosteus aculeatus, is one of the most thoroughly studied organisms in the wild, and has been a particularly useful model for understanding variation in physiology, behavior, life history and morphology caused by different ecological situations in the wild. On biological levels from molecular and genetic to developmental and morphological, and finally ending with the population level, it has proven far more complex than even imagined. Studies of stickleback have...

2008-10-01 03:00:07

By Chaudhry, A S Kochhar, R; Kohli, K K Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) are extensively metabolized in the liver by CYP2C19, that demonstrates genetic polymorphism with 21 mutant alleles. The subjects can be divided into 2 groups with respect to CYP2C19 phenotypes viz., extensive metabolizers (EMs) and poor metabolizers (PMs) of PPIs. This division results in marked interindividual variations in the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of PPIs in the population. Intragastric pH values and...

2008-07-01 06:00:12

By Gloria-Bottini, Fulvia Bottini, Nunzio; Magrini, Andrea; Renzetti, Gabriele; Martinoli, Roberta; Bergamaschi, Antonio; Bottini, Egidio Abstract The well-known relationship between low birth weight and allergies prompted us to investigate a possible pleiotropic effect of ACP1 on these conditions. ACP1 is a polymorphic enzyme that affects signal transduction of insulin and other growth factors, T- cell receptor signaling, and the regulation of flavoenzyme activity. Our aim was to compare...

2006-07-19 12:47:55

A newly cloned gene in corn will help explain how unusual interactions between a parent's genes can have lasting effects in future generations. The finding has implications for breeding better crop plants and unraveling complex genetic diseases. The new research indicates that an additional molecule, DNA's little cousin RNA, is needed for the intriguing gene interactions known as paramutation.Paramutation doesn't follow the laws of classical Mendelian genetics. "Paramutation is this...

2005-01-25 08:00:57

Causes problems with prospective memory, researchers discover HealthDayNews -- Even if they're healthy, older people with the higher-risk genotype for Alzheimer's disease can suffer major problems with prospective memory -- the ability to remember what they need to do in the future, such as take medications or make a doctor's appointment, a new study says. People who carry the high-risk e-4 allele on both of their ApoE genes are eight times more likely to develop Alzheimer's as non-carriers....

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