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2013-05-22 23:25:40

Online retailer provides information on asthma and allergy conditions in honor of awareness month Chicago, IL (PRWEB) May 22, 2013 May is declared National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA). Online retailer, Allergy Asthma Technology, wants to remind individuals about Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month, as well as to provide information about asthma and allergy conditions. The AAFA is a non-profit organization in the United States...

2012-12-15 05:02:24

Allergy Asthma Technology now provides allergy free blankets that ensure allergy sufferers will be able to lounge or sleep allergy-free. Chicago, IL (PRWEB) December 14, 2012 Although the winter season is generally when allergy sufferers get a break from the annoyance of outdoor allergens, other allergens can still lurk indoors and affect those prone to allergies. Allergy Asthma Technology´s allergy free blankets and bedding prevent allergens from latching to or penetrating its...

2012-12-07 05:04:15

Keep mold and mildew out of the home this winter season with industry leading and allergy free products. Chicago, IL (PRWEB) December 06, 2012 Mold is most common outdoors during the summer and fall seasons, but can grow indoors at any time of the year. Leaks in windows, doors, and flooding can cause mold to appear virtually anywhere in a home. Allergy Asthma Technology´s new dehumidifiers and mold sprays can get rid of mold and the components that create it, along with preventing it...

2012-10-26 04:03:53

Allergy Asthma Technology provides skincare remedies and products that will relieve itchy, dry skin for the upcoming winter season Chicago, IL (PRWEB) October 25, 2012 Colder weather has arrived which increases the risk of dry, irritated skin. Using the same skincare methods all year long will not prevent one from obtaining dry skin during the winter months. Allergy Asthma Technology´s skincare line of lotions and soaps contain extra moisturizing ingredients, which relieve dry skin,...

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