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Palmate Newt
2008-11-14 17:02:08

The Palmate Newt (Lissotriton helveticus), is a species of newt found in Great Britain and Western and Northern Europe. Its habitat includes ponds, lakes, marshes, forests, and agricultural land. It can also be found in acidic pools around moorland or coastal areas. It is endangered and is protected by law in all countries where it is a native species. It is extremely endangered in Netherlands,...

Alpine Newt
2008-10-16 21:21:03

The Alpine Newt (Triturus alpestris), belongs to the order Salamander (Urodela or Caudata) in the class of Amphibians. The spread of the alpine newt is constricted to Central Europe and mountainous Southern Europe as well as an isolated area on the Iberian Peninsula. Alpine newt typically inhabits forests with good access to water in hilly to mountainous regions. They are mostly absent in...

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