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2009-01-07 13:38:00

Contact center provider to hire home-based employees in Illinois to meet demand from new and existing customers DENVER, Jan.

2008-07-15 06:00:51

US-based integrated energy major ConocoPhillips has announced the successful startup of the third Alpine satellite oil field, the Qannik, approximately two months ahead of schedule.

2008-06-19 11:42:16

Researchers unravel complexity of the major histocompatibility complex in tailed amphibians

2006-12-05 11:25:00

Europe's Alpine region is going through its warmest period in 1,300 years, the head of an extensive climate study said Tuesday.

2006-02-27 02:41:07

By Clare Fallon SESTRIERE, Italy (Reuters) - Double gold medallists Benjamin Raich and Michaela Dorfmeister led the way as Austria dominated the slopes in the Alpine skiing at the Turin Games.

2006-02-26 20:20:00

By Nelson Graves TURIN (Reuters) - Loads of medals and lots of flops. The U.S. team won more hardware at the Turin Games than at any other Winter Olympics on foreign soil. But the medal haul cannot mask a distinct bitterness that the stars, led by Alpine skier Bode Miller, did not shine.

2006-02-26 15:10:26

By Clare Fallon SESTRIERE, Italy (Reuters) - Double gold medallists Benjamin Raich and Michaela Dorfmeister led the way as Austria dominated the slopes in the Alpine skiing at the Turin Games.

2006-02-25 14:00:07

By Clare Fallon SESTRIERE, Italy (Reuters) - Austria swept the medals in the men's slalom which closed the Alpine skiing program at the Turin Olympics on Saturday with Benjamin Raich winning his second gold medal.

2006-02-23 21:18:07

By Alan Baldwin SESTRIERE, Italy (Reuters) - Giorgio Rocca can redeem a dismal Olympics for Italian Alpine skiers in Saturday's closing men's slalom.

2006-02-22 18:20:41

By Elizabeth Piper TURIN (Reuters) - Sweden stamped their mark on the Winter Games on Wednesday with Alpine skier Anja Paerson winning the women's slalom and cross-country athlete Bjoern Lind helping the country equal their previous best ever medal haul.

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Papaver alpinum
2014-10-27 10:30:54

Papaver alpinum is a species of poppy plant found in the region of the Alps. The plant is commonly known as the Alpine poppy. This species actually includes multiple sub-species. P. alpinum is a short, upright perennial, meaning it can survive longer than 2 years. It can grow to a height of 5 to 20 centimeters. It has several upright and hairy stems. As with all species of poppy, it produces latex. It has feathery leaves that are arranged in a rosette and touch the ground. The flowers...

Alpines Steinschaf
2014-09-16 09:26:07

The Alpines Steinschaf is a breed of domestic sheep that is located in the Southern Alps of Germany and Eastern Alps of Austria. This breed is one of four in the Steinschaf group, which is thought to be derived from the Zaupelschaf type which lived during the medieval period or the Torschaf, which is older than the Zaupelschaf. This most likely makes the Alpines Steinschaf the oldest breed of sheep in the eastern Alps. By the beginning of the twentieth century, the Alpines Stinschaf could...

Alpine Ibex, Capra ibex
2012-08-24 16:23:24

The Alpine ibex (Capra ibex) can be found in the European Alps. It is locally known as the Steinbock in German, the bouquetin in French, the kozorog in Slovenian, and the stambecco in Italian. Its range was once restricted to Northern Italy in the Gran Paradiso National Park, but now comprises nearly all of the European Alps including France, Italy, Germany, Slovenia, Austria, and Switzerland. It prefers a habitat within rocky areas near the snowline on the edge of forests. It can be found at...

Mountain Goat, Oreamnos americanus
2012-05-10 05:28:07

The mountain goat (Oreamnos americanus), also called the Rocky Mountain goat is only found in North America. Even though it is a goat in name, it is not in the Capra genus of true goats. It belongs to the subfamily Caprinae, which holds goat-antelopes which holds thirty-two other species. It is in the family Bovidae that holds other creatures such as cattle, antelopes, and gazelle. It is the only species in the Oreamnos genus. The mountain goat is listed as of “least concern” by the IUCN....

2009-06-17 13:03:39

The African Alpine Bamboo (Yushania alpina) is a species of perennial bamboo that is native to tropical Africa. It grows in dense stands on the mountains and volcanoes surrounding the Great Rift Valley between 8200 feet and 11,000 feet above sea level. The grass stems of the alpine bamboo are often used as fencing, plumbing and other building materials. Photo Copyright and Credit

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