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2012-01-11 16:16:53

Iguanodon, meaning “Iguana tooth,” is a genus of ornithopod dinosaur known from the Kimmeridgian age of the Late Jurassic Period to the Cenomanian age of the Late Cretaceous Period. It lived in Asia, Europe and North America. Research in the early 2000s suggests however that only one species, I. bernissartensis, is well-substantiated, and lived during the Early Cretaceous Period in Europe....

2010-02-03 16:27:06

Altirhinus, meaning "˜high snout', is a genus of iguanodontian ornithopod dinosaur from the Early Cretaceous Period (125 to 100 million years ago) of Mongolia. It is known from one species (A. kurzanovi), which honors Russian paleontologist Sergei Kurzanov who discovered the specimen in 1981. It was discovered in the Khukhtek Formation in the Dornogovi Province of Mongolia. Several...

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  • The horn of a unicorn considered as a medical or pharmacological ingredient.
  • A winged horse with a single horn on its head; a winged unicorn.
The word 'alicorn' comes from Italian alicorno, already associated with unicorns and reinterpreted, popularized by Bearing an Hourglass (1984) and other fantasy novels by Piers Anthony.