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Eggs Of Enigmatic Dinosaur Discovered
2012-04-11 03:58:13

An Argentine-Swedish research team has reported a 70 million years old pocket of fossilized bones and unique eggs of an enigmatic birdlike dinosaur in Patagonia.

2010-01-28 14:45:00

Through an expedition to the Gobi Desert of China, scientists have solved the puzzle of how one group of dinosaurs came to look like birds--independent of birds.

2008-09-25 12:00:17

Canadian scientists announced the discovery of the fossil of a species of tiny dinosaur that's the smallest dinosaur yet found in North America.

2008-09-23 16:57:58

Even in the dinosaur world, the small and dainty existed, in the form of a mini-dino that likely didn't terrorize any creatures other than termites.

2008-09-23 15:45:00

An unusual breed of dinosaur that was the size of a chicken, ran on two legs and scoured the ancient forest floor for termites is the smallest dinosaur species found in North America

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2010-02-03 16:42:50

Mononykus, meaning "one claw", is a genus of theropod dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous Period (70 Million Years Ago). It was discovered in the Nemegt Formation in Mongolia. The remains of the first discovered specimen consist of a partial skeleton lacking a tail. Only small skull fragments have been recovered as well. Later discoveries included the tail, which was relatively short, and a complete skull, which showed a unique toothless form. However, these newer discoveries have since been...

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