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2010-08-08 22:20:00

Two UK scientists are traveling to one of the coldest places on Earth to help them understand how life could exist on other planets in our Solar System.

2009-06-08 11:55:00

Scientists have developed a new cleaning protocol for space hardware, such as the scoops of Mars rovers, which could be used on future "Search for Life" missions on other planets.

2009-04-10 15:40:00

NASA researchers are about to climb the slopes of Earth's tallest mountain to test exploration technologies they'll need on the Moon and Mars.

2009-01-06 18:25:00

If aliens from another planet sent a probe to Earth in search of life, their most promising target would be the tropics. Most likely, if we find life elsewhere in our solar system, we’ll find it in ice.

2006-08-14 09:45:00

High in the Arctic, just below Earth's north polar ice cap, a collaboration of nearly two dozen biologists, geologists, and engineers have embarked on an expedition to Mars.

2006-06-19 18:35:00

Researchers working in the high Arctic have found similar mineral features, produced not by microbes, but by a volcano.

2005-10-05 07:15:08

Living microbes found in what could be 1 million-year-old ice on a remote Arctic island support the theory that the frozen planet Mars could also sustain life, researchers said Tuesday.