Latest Amateur Radio on the International Space Station Stories

ISS Ham video in action
2014-05-06 04:30:49

While amateur radio enthusiasts have been able to communicate with astronauts on the International Space Station since its inauguration in 2000, a new digital amateur television transmitter installed in the Columbus laboratory will add a visual element to those conversations,

2013-01-19 08:23:33

Students from two schools, one in Iowa and the other in New York, are the winners of the International Space Station (ISS) Science Challenge, NASA announced Friday.

2012-12-10 16:55:32

NASA is offering opportunities for schools and educational groups to speak with astronauts aboard the International Space Station to learn about living and working in space.

2008-12-22 17:00:00

ANN ARBOR, Mich., Dec. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Two years after applying to NASA, Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum will be honored by conducting an Amateur Radio live connection to speak with the International Space Station and Astronaut E. Michael Fincke.

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